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Get The Maximum Compensation For Your Truck Accident Injury

Los Angeles Truck Accident Law Firm - David Azizi If you have suffered injuries in an accident involving a big rig, semi truck, bus, or other large commercial vehicle, our hearts truly go out to you. Our experienced California auto and truck accident attorney team is here to help you and your loved ones get the justice and compensation you deserve. For 26 years, Los Angeles-area big rig and semi-truck accident victims have found Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer David Azizi to be a strong ally in truck crash cases. He has a 98 percent success rate in winning them compensation from the parties responsible for their injuries. If you need legal assistance from an experienced LA truck accident law firm after a collision, please reach out for a free review of your important case by calling a proven Los Angeles truck accident attorney at the Law Offices of David Azizi anytime day or night at 800-991-5292.

Other Cases Involving Large Trucks & Commercial Vehicles

When a car, bicycle or pedestrian is involved in an incident with a big truck or commercial vehicle, LA truck accident lawyer David Azizi steps in to fight for our client’s justice and financial compensation. Here are some of the vehicles & accidents our team handles:

Paying For Medical Expenses After a California Truck Crash

The settlements and verdicts Los Angeles David Azizi wins for injured clients cover the massive costs that victims of truck driver negligence often face, like:

  • Ambulance transportation and emergency room services
  • An extensive inpatient hospital stay
  • Multiple surgeries to repair crushed bones or to save limbs from amputation
  • Ongoing outpatient treatment by top doctors who specialize in treating severe injuries
  • Ongoing physical therapy
  • Medical equipment, including medical walkers or wheelchairs

Compensation For Loss of Vehicle and Destroyed Property

The loss of use of your vehicle is a big deal. Truck accident lawyer David Azizi leads recognizes that accidents with large trucks and commercial vehicles often leave a car undrivable, needing extensive repairs, and in many cases, a total loss requiring vehicle replacement. In some cases, additional property in the vehicle gets destroyed as well.The damages we demand from the trucking companies always include the immensely valuable resource of a personal vehicle. Our team helps to determine the market value of your vehicle when replacement becomes necessary. David also recognizes that you cannot function without transportation. Many of our clients will require a rental vehicle, an expense that escalates with each day, and David and the truck accident lawyer team will fight to make sure these expenses are included in the final amount we demand for you.

Recover Your Lost Wages With Our Truck Accident Law Firm

If you’ve had to miss work as a result of your injuries after an accident with a big rig, there is a positive path forward. As an experienced lawyer, the claim David pursues for you includes lost wages. Even if you are self-employed, California law allows the recovery of income lost as a result of someone else’s negligence. Our truck accident law firm will often partner with a forensic expert to determine the extent of your injuries and future lost work to assist your claim in pursuing recovery of compensation for:

  • Lost promotion and raise opportunities
  • Lost bonus payouts
  • Lost retirement contributions affected by a reduction or loss of income
  • Lost earning capacity when your injuries may require a career shift

Attorney David Azizi can assist those injured in collisions with most types of commercial vehicles including:

A Caring and Compassionate Attorney With a Winning Track Record in Truck Crash Cases

Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer David Azizi Truck crash injury attorney David Azizi has a strong record of success:

  • Experience: 22 years practicing law in the State of California
  • 98% success rate settling and winning injury cases
  • Super Lawyers has named David a top Los Angeles attorney
  • Compassionate & accessible – you’ll get his cell phone #.

Truck Accident Lawyer Los Angeles - David Azizi Don’t miss deadlines. Begin your free case consultation before evidence begins to disappear. Call The Law Offices of David Azizi 24/7 at 800-991-5292.  


Common Truck Accident FAQ’s

How Do I Get a Police Report After an Accident with a Big Truck or Commercial Vehicle? 

A personal injury attorney can easily retrieve and review your car accident police report.

Other options include:

    • Contact the police department – After an accident, police officers will typically provide a report number that will be filed. This is typically a paid service.
    • Your insurance company may provide the report for free.
    • Purchase your report from a Third party online.


What Steps Do I Need to Take After a Truck Crash with Injuries?

After a collision with a large truck or commercial vehicle, the most important legal and safety steps include:

  • Remain at the Scene of the Crash
  • Call 9-1-1
  • Gather Evidence if Possible (Photos, Videos & Describe What Happened)
  • Exchange Essential Contact Info with Other Drivers: Insurance, Vehicle Info, Drivers License #
  • Refrain from Making Any Formal Statements About the Accident
  • Speak with a Lawyer and Get Your Case Reviewed
  • Follow Doctor Instructions

How Do I Receive Compensation for My Injuries?

When you’ve been injured by a commercial vehicle like a semi-truck, get your case reviewed by an attorney. In many circumstances you will file a claim and begin lawsuit against the truck driver, the managing trucking company and the insurers. A truck accident lawyer will present your demands for compensation which typically cover costs of medical bills, lost wages, lost future earning potential, pain and suffering and more. You receive compensation (known as “damages”) when a settlement agreement is met, or a judge or jury decide a verdict in your favor.

“We were in a car accident with a road-raged pick-up truck in Anaheim, who tailgated and eventually rammed us from behind. Shaking and confused, we called David Azizi first. He walked us through exactly what to do, texted me a list because I was a bit frantic, and took care of everything for us. My daughter and I both suffered whiplash, bruised ribs, and concussion injuries from our truck accident. The team at Azizi’s firm handled the insurance, the collision repair shop, and communicated with us daily. We highly recommend The Law Offices of David Azizi. Their car accident lawyers know their stuff and have given us peace of mind that justice will be served.”

“I really appreciate all your hard work long hrs and being dedicated to me as a client in this process which was new too me , and for taking all my phone calls Thanks to all who worked on my case and for you all being so kind informative , and patient when you didn’t have too taking me step my step Thanks Karen and all the staff and Mr. Azizi.”


David Azizi's Commitment

Pay NO FEES until we win your personal injury case, period.

  • Superb Top Personal Injury Attorney- Law Offices of David Azizi
  • Truck Accident Attorney Los Angeles - Law Offices of David Azizi
  • Truck Accident Law Firm Los Angeles - Super Lawyers Award
  • Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer - Law Offices of David Azizi
  • LACBA Awards - Law Offices of David Azizi - Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer
  • Truck Crash Lawyer - Law Offices of David Azizi

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