Cargo trucks, box trucks, cargo vans — these essential vehicles exist everywhere on our roads and are responsible for the delivery of our goods. These oversized powerful vehicles go by many names and fall under the category of large commercial vehicles — trucks and vans carrying cargo and goods for companies and individuals across the USA. When a collision occurs, debris can be a real issue, freeways often get completely shut down, and victims involved in these crashes deal with tough injuries and even the wrongful death of loved ones.

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What Is A Cargo Truck?

A cargo truck is a category of larger trucks that could include delivery trucks, cargo vans and similar vehicles. A cargo truck can refer to the box truck style of vehicle where a tractor pulls a separate container on a trailer, or can mean one large piece of equipment that covers both the engine and driver cab area plus the container carrying the goods.

Los Angeles Cargo Truck Lawyer & Verdict of $4.5 Million

California cargo truck attorney David Azizi went into detail about a case award of $4,532,771 and some of the circumstances that can lead to settlements in these challenging truck crash cases.

Accidents involving cargo trucks in the state of California can be brutal and the road to recovery can mean dealing with severe injuries, missed employment income, and ongoing pain and suffering. When a loss of life plays into the case, families are left to find the path to justice and healing.

Victims of cargo truck wrecks or accidents with similar vehicles deserve the wrong to be made right in the eyes of the law through financial compensation known in the the court system as damages.

Incorrect Loading Is Common In Cargo Truck Accidents

Driving a large cargo truck in California requires additional training, a separate commercial driver’s license, and a knowledge of how weight loading and distribution affects these vehicles on the road.

When cargo truck drivers and the companies that hire them fail to abide by critical legal standards in the loading process, these trucks can jackknife, spill cargo and cause injury and death to those they collide with. These acts of negligence are compounded by the many other leading factors of truck-related accidents including:

  • Failure to properly secure cargo
  • Flatbed trucks piled with freight improperly balanced and secured
  • Overloading cargo beyond legal weight limits
  • Failing to perform routine and essential vehicle maintenance
  • Driving Intoxicated on drugs or alcohol (DUI)
  • Distracted drivers eating or texting behind the wheel
  • Speeding
  • Other unintentional driving-related acts that caused harm

Unsecured Cargo Can Cause Devastating Crashes

A mattress or ladder, two of the most common pieces of cargo found on Southern California freeways, can bring traffic to a complete standstill and even cause fatal accidents as it did in this recent motorcycle and ladder collision. Small passenger vehicles, trucks and vans often fail to secure their cargo in a safe and functional manner. Drivers are responsible for this act of negligence when it causes harm to another vehicle and/or passenger.

Big rigs and 18 wheeler cargo truck can haul a much more dangerous payload that includes toxic chemicals, large quantities of lumber, gasoline, and similar freight. Even a simple hay bale that comes loose can create a deadly scenario on California freeways and roads. In this Los Angeles big rig chemical spill, more than 100 people had to be evacuated to a distance far enough from the highly flammable benzyl chloride. Thankfully no one was injured in the incident.

It is the duty of the trucker and company to make sure their cargo does not come loose, and to take every measure possible to make sure it meets high standards of safety to remain secure through common events like:

  • High winds
  • Quick application of brakes to avoid collisions
  • Rear-end collisions and minor fender benders
  • Uphill and downhill routes that can shift items

A Higher Standard For Cargo Truck Drivers

The standard of care for the driver of a commercial cargo truck or van is even higher. In most circumstances, these drivers must obtain additional training and hold a commercial drivers license to operate a cargo truck or van. Working in tandem with freight companies, they must ensure that all cargo is properly secured, doors and hitches are properly fastened with tethers that are not worn or under recall, and weight requirements are not exceeded.

The fast pace of the freight industry sometimes means safety measures for double-checking a secured cargo are overlooked or even ignored. When this happens, the injured victims we represent in these crashes have every right to pursue money damages from the cargo truck driver and their companies.

How Do I File A Lawsuit Against a Cargo Truck Driver?

The legal steps to take after an accident with a cargo truck will include initiating a legal complaint against the cargo truck driver and insurers. Because lawsuit filing deadlines — known as the statute of limitations — exist in all cases, it’s important not to delay pursuing justice after a wreck.

In this audio podcast, California cargo truck accident lawyer David Azizi tackles the most essential issues about crashes with cargo trucks, 18-wheelers, and other large trucks and commercial vehicles. Play the episode below.

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How much is it possible to financially recover after an accident with a cargo truck, 18-wheeler, bus, or similar? The cargo truck crash injury calculator can provide an educated guess at a settlement amount and prepare you for a first meeting to review your case with a Los Angeles truck crash law firm.

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