Dump trucks are part of the family of heavy trucks and heavy equipment, often used in construction, mining, and waste management for the purpose of hauling loose materials like gravel, dirt, sand, and trash. These beasts of the road, which can legally have a gross weight of up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, are essential to a growing and thriving economy.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), “In 2015, 4,311 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes, an 8-percent increase from 2014.”1 Unfortunately, when something goes wrong, these trucks can and do contribute to life-threatening injuries that can be very challenging for victims and their loved ones.

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Common Types of Dump Trucks

Most dump trucks are equipped with a hydraulic machine containing one or a pair of cylinders that lift the bed or container of the truck, giving it the ability to “dump” cargo.

The most common types of dump trucks include:

  • Standard Dump Trucks
  • Side Dump Trucks
  • Transfer Dump Trucks
  • Articulated Dump Trucks (Off Road Dump Trucks)
  • Semi Trailer End Dump Trucks
  • Roll-Off Trucks
  • Haul Trucks

Common Causes of Dump Truck Accidents

There are many elements related to dump trucks that pose an increased danger to passenger vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. These vehicles present many of the same hazards that big rigs and 18-wheeler trucks present, and are often involved in collisions with other vehicles. When these occur, the smaller vehicles and passengers are often left to cope with catastrophic resulting injuries and damage.

With the use of the hydraulic mechanisms to lift the truck bed and dump the hauled contents, there is also an increased risk that a vehicle or pedestrian will be in the path of the cargo when dumping occurs. The specific load a dump truck carries can increase the nature of the injuries and damage to those involved.

It’s not uncommon for dump trucks to be an open-bedded vehicle, meaning they operate with an open container where contents are exposed to the elements. This creates an environment where debris can easily be propelled from the dump truck onto a highway, hitting windshields, bicyclists, and pedestrians. This becomes particularly dangerous when high driving speeds are involved, hurling trash or cargo toward anything in its path.

Negligence: A Real Problem Among Dump Truck Drivers

The causes for dump truck accidents mentioned above almost always follow a similar pattern of negligent choices and behavior made on the part of the dump truck driver, or the company the trucker works for. Negligence happens when a person or entity owes a high standard of care to others, and fails to live up to that duty, causing injury and harm in the process.

For dump truck drivers and companies, negligence comes into play when poor choices are made on the road, at the construction sites, or in their loading docks and warehouses. Some common examples of dump truck driver negligence leading to an accident or wreck can include:

  • Oversized loads that ignore weight restrictions
  • Not securing the cargo adequately for the road
  • Disregarding traffic signals
  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Improper mirror positioning and missing blind spot indicators
  • Spillage of cargo
  • Overworked staff leading to fatigue and poor judgement
  • Poorly planned routes
  • Poorly screened drivers
  • Improper backing up

Who Can Be Sued After a Dump Truck Accident?

Dump trucks can fall into a few different categories of ownership and operation. They can be privately owned and run by a driver and small team, or they can be part of a larger public or government entity. In most cases, the first legal action will be directed toward the driver and a dump truck accident lawyer will work to prove that the trucker is liable (responsible) for causing the crash or incident.

However, there are many circumstances in Los Angeles and throughout California where the trucking company, construction operation, or waste management company will also hold liability for a crash or accident. It is the job of a dump truck attorney to seek justice and the maximum compensation allowed by law when victims are injured through the negligent acts of truckers and their contractors or employers.

Next Steps With A Los Angeles Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

Attorney David Azizi takes time out to note the most important safety and legal steps after a truck crash in this audio podcast. Play the episode below.

Filing A Lawsuit Against A Dump Truck Driver and Company

In addition to the examples of negligence above, keep in mind that dump truck drivers in Los Angeles and across California are held to a much higher standard, requiring a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Dump truck drivers must undergo rigorous training, and by accepting a job, they accept the added responsibilities and highway codes as designated by the California Department of Transportation.

When our law firm takes on a case for your cause of action against a dump truck driver and/or the company they work for, we will typically take these measures to get you the justice and financial compensation you deserve:

  • Issuing a letter of representation to the dump truck company and trucker signifying to them that you have acquired a dump truck accident lawyer
  • Filing a legal complaint with the court clerk against the truck driver and/or company – this is the first official step in the lawsuit process
  • Receiving a legal answer from the trucker or company – this is the trucker’s official response to your financial demands and claims of wrongdoing
  • Filing a lawsuit against the dump truck driver and/or company when negotiations have not resulted in a favorable settlement

The Injuries Our Los Angeles Dump Truck Law Firm Sees

The injuries caused by accidents and collisions with a dump truck are often very difficult to manage and can include ongoing expenses and prolonged medical management. These injuries can include fractures, head injuries, facial injuries, shoulder injuries, amputation of limbs, and the most common injury resulting from whiplash — spinal injuries.

These are some of the most important reasons to take legal action with a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles who knows both the trucking and insurance industries. Visit our common injuries page for more details of how you might be affected. In the difficult event when a life is lost in a dump truck accident, it is the job of a truck accident lawyer to help families by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Recover Wages With An L.A. Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

It is very common for the injured clients we assist to miss work due to their injuries resulting from a California dump truck accident. Lost wages can add to the pain of deep physical wounds. This affects not just the regularly expected paycheck, but injuries can also impact opportunities for job promotions and raises, retirement contributions, bonus payments, and even a reduced earning capacity when injuries require a career change.

Our dump truck accident legal team keeps all of these factors in mind when calculating the amount of money damages we will seek on your behalf. Health, justice, and compensation are top priorities when our clients have suffered harm.

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Begin With a Dump Truck Accident Lawyer – No Win, No Fee

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The Deadline For Starting Your Lawsuit

Keep in mind that there is a critical deadline for taking legal action against a dump truck and company. Known as the statute of limitations, the timeline for initiating a lawsuit cannot be missed. In California, that deadline can be as soon as six months after your accident (for government entities) to two years (for most other entities). However, evidence begins vanishing from the scene of an accident immediately, so we encourage injured victims to take quick action so that our investigators can assist in preserving that evidence for your case.

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If you or your loved ones have been injured by a dump truck, begin your case today by scheduling a free case review so that we can evaluate all of the details of your important story.

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