Steel trucks continue to be popular among drivers of both big rigs and smaller truck owners, although some now have aluminum mixed in to lower the vehicle’s weight and improve mileage. Both materials are equally dangerous if another motorist is involved in a collision with one of these trucks. With more and more big rigs and pickups appearing on the roadways around Los Angeles, that risk increases. When faced with mounting medical costs, lost wages and other expenses following a collision with a steel truck, if negligence was the cause, an experienced lawyer can help.

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Los Angeles truck accident injury lawyer David Azizi has been helping those in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas for 26 years to obtain financial compensation for their injuries and loss of a loved one through wrongful death. Because of his experience, vast knowledge of the law and diligence, David wins 98 percent of his cases. It isn’t surprising that Super Lawyers, the legal ranking firm, refers to David as one of the top personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. Give him a call at (800) 991-5292 to schedule your no-obligation, free case review. He will discuss your case with you, can give you an estimate of what it might be worth and tell you what options are available.

L.A. Steel Truck Accidents and Why You Need a Lawyer

Being involved in a steel truck accident can leave those in smaller vehicles with serious injuries, from traumatic brain damage to the spinal cord and internal injuries. More serious injuries can result in extensive hospitalization and rehabilitation, a long period of missed work and the pain and suffering an accident injury involves. When negligence was the cause of an accident injury, it is possible to place a claim for compensation to pay all of those outstanding bills. This is especially important for long-term injuries that might result in permanent injury and the inability to work.

An experienced lawyer can investigate the crash, including going over the police report for mistakes and interviewing witnesses. From there, accident reconstruction might be performed to prove how the collision happened and the placement of the vehicles before and after. An investigation doesn’t stop there. Traffic surveillance cameras and those from nearby businesses may have caught the accident on tape. Road damage can provide strong evidence such as whether the vehicle tried to stop or was speeding.

A government entity might also be responsible for the accident injury if a traffic light wasn’t working, the road had potholes or overhanging branches obscured the view of a stop sign. By compiling evidence to build a case that is strong, the lawyer can negotiate well with the insurance company, or take the case to court in support of your claim.

Why Is Steel Used so Much in Commercial Trucks?

Steel is used in the rigid parts of trucks because of its strength and durability. These trucks are expensive, costing up to $175,000 new and operating costs are around $1.38 per mile, which comes out to around $180,000 each year. They can also be on the road for around one million miles, so companies and independent operators insist on durability. In many states such as California, big rigs are depended upon to deliver most goods, and aluminum is costlier, so steel can be a better alternative to aluminum.

Accidents With a Steel Truck Versus Another Motor Vehicle

Consumers are interested in purchasing vehicles that get good mileage, so this means that manufacturers are making them lighter weight. Most passenger vehicles are built using a wide range of materials, including steel, aluminum, plastics or rubber. Although fiberglass bodies were popular for a while, those vehicles are mostly not manufactured anymore except for the Corvette, which is built for speed. The problem is that an 80,000-pound behemoth of a truck can cause a great deal of damage, serious injuries and fatalities when it is in an accident with a passenger vehicle, which weighs something under 4,000 pounds.

How Accidents With Steel Trucks Occur

Many steel truck accidents happen the way they occur with passenger vehicles. The driver is speeding and loses control, doesn’t slow the vehicle going down a steep hill or drives aggressively. Truck drivers are also apt to make the same driver errors that other motorists do. In some cases they can be guilty of:

  • Distracted driving: Although truck drivers are supposed to avoid talking on a cell phone or texting, the long hours on the road can be boring, and they can give in to temptation.
  • Fatigued driving: Truck drivers are allowed to spend long hours on the road. The short rest breaks they take may not be sufficient to avoid fatigue. Fatigued drivers can nod off behind the wheel, lose their concentration and start daydreaming. These factors can end up causing a collision.
  • DUI and Drugged driving: Truck drivers seldom get behind the wheel of a big rig when they’ve been drinking alcohol. However, over-the-counter medications can be a problem because some use them to stay alert and awake.
  • Inexperienced drivers: Big rigs can be involved in a jackknife accident, rollover or override collision, and these types of accidents are more likely if the driver is poorly trained or inexperienced.
  • Maintenance issues: Any vehicle with brake, accelerator or steering problems can become a danger on the roadway. Because a big rig is so large, poor maintenance can lead to a traffic collision with serious consequences. Tires that are overinflated, underinflated or badly worn can create dangers too because they can put stress on the rest of the tires, resulting in an accident.

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