Moving trucks are rented or hired every day as people move from one location to another. Unless you’ve driven one, you are unlikely to understand how dangerous these vehicles can be. They are bulky, difficult to maneuver, cumbersome and have limited visibility. Professional movers may have adequate training to handle them, but those who rent a moving truck probably have never driven one before. The problem for other drivers is that these vehicles are used on city streets and highways.

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What Causes Moving Truck Accidents?

There are many reasons why moving truck accidents occur. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Poor or no training: Training is an integral part of learning how to load the moving truck and how to drive it safely. Some moving companies fail to provide this to new drivers and elevate the risk of accidents. Drivers who rent a moving truck, for the most part, have no training. In such cases, it is up to the individual driver not to operate a vehicle for which they are not competent.
  • Lack of visibility: Professional truck drivers are aware of the limitations they have seeing other vehicles on the road. The trucks have blind zones, where the driver is unable to see approaching cars. Moving professional van drivers are expected to have the same awareness. However, they do not need a CDL license to work in this industry. Ordinary drivers who rent a moving van are not required to have training outside of a regular, state-issued driver’s license. This means their awareness of safety procedures when driving a truck is limited.
  • Distracted driving: This is a common problem, and both professional drivers and those who rent a moving van deal with distraction. This involves checking the radio, eating, talking and texting. Many times, moving day is nerve-wracking and requires travel to new areas. This alone can be a significant reason for distracted driving. The need to monitor the route on GPS or by using a map takes the driver’s focus off the road. It is a good idea to learn the route the night before.
  • Speeding: This inappropriate behavior makes it challenging to handle a substantial truck and come to a stop without hitting the vehicle in front of you. Many drivers fail to recognize the importance of momentum when operating a heavy vehicle. What is usually sufficient room to stop when necessary might pale when operating a moving van. Learn how much distance you must allot before starting.
  • Cargo: Unsecured cargo and excessive weight might cause a moving truck accident. Learn what your truck can handle. In addition, the load needs to spread out over the cargo area. Putting it in willy-nilly can cause cargo to fall onto the pavement or make the truck more difficult to handle.
  • Inclement weather: It is not always possible to move on a bright sunny, dry day. While moving day is usually planned weeks in advance, learning how to handle a moving truck in inclement weather is important. Be aware that slippery roads demand even greater stopping distances, and visibility may be inadequate. Stay abreast of the weather forecast, and give yourself extra time to make the trip.
  • Lack of maintenance and inspection: Truck drivers are obliged to inspect their trucks and maintain them regularly. When this does not happen, mechanical issues may go unnoticed. A person who rents a moving van should inquire when the trucks are inspected and how often maintenance occurs. In addition, if you rent a moving van, it is wise to check the truck’s tires, brakes and other things before starting out.

Determining Fault in a Moving Truck Accident

Different parties can be held responsible in a moving truck accident such as:

  • The driver: Whether the driver is employed by a moving company or renting a moving van, if they were reckless or impaired, among other violations, they are responsible. If the truck is in poor condition, a professional mover may be responsible, but a driver who rented the truck probably isn’t. Professional movers are usually held to a higher standard.
  • Truck company: Some companies are negligent and fail to train their drivers, maintain their vehicles or force drivers to drive over the speed limit to get more moves done in the same day.

Navigating Insurance Company Issues in Trucking Cases

Determining which insurance company is responsible for paying medical bills and other damages can be difficult in a time of high stress. Your attorney could negotiate with the insurer to ensure that you receive the damages you deserve. Some examples are:

  • Moving truck company: A professional moving company will have its own insurance to cover any losses by their employees. If you are renting a truck from them, the company will probably offer an optional insurance package that boosts the renter’s private insurance.
  • Driver’s Insurance: Professional movers are covered under the company’s insurance. Truck renters, however, must rely on an optional insurance package offered by the rental company or their own insurance. If the cause of the accident by a renter is due to speeding, drunk driving or other infraction, their insurance may or may not cover all aspects of the accident.
  • No insurance: If the driver does not have an automobile insurance policy and did not purchase renters insurance, it may be necessary to file a claim against the rental company’s insurance.

Injuries in a Moving Van Accident

Due to the weight and size of a moving truck, injuries are often serious. Aside from the physical pain you experience, a moving truck accident can do significant harm to you and your family’s financial situation. You can collect damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, vehicle damage, emotional trauma and pain and suffering. An experienced personal injury lawyer can build a strong case against the driver or the moving company after investigating the accident, talking to witnesses and company officials. If the insurance company is not willing to pay the amount you deserve, the attorney can construct a winning case in civil court.

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