$ 5.6 Million, Personal injury case
$ 4.9 Million, Car accident injury case
$ 4.6 Million, Product liability case
$ 1.2 Million, Slip and fall injury case
$ 2.6 Million, Negligence injury case

Choosing the right Los Angeles car accident lawyer for help after someone else caused your car accident can feel overwhelming.

A Google search pulls up many results in the Los Angeles area alone! And all the lawyers sound good online or in their commercials, so how do you decide?

Making this choice need not add to your stress. You’re already dealing with the painful physical effects of the crash and the emotional frustration of it being someone else’s fault.

You’re already struggling to figure out how you’re going to pay for car repairs and medical bills. You may even be looking at an extended period of time missing work, which means lost wages. A car accident checklist can walk you through essential next steps after a crash.

David Azizi stands ready to help you. He has the experience and the compassion you need. David has been practicing law for 22 years in Southern California. His acumen has been recognized by Expertise.com that rated him one of the top 20 personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. Super Lawyers has bestowed their highest honor by selecting him as a top Los Angeles attorney year after year.

Such accolades befit the work David does for clients. When Californians suffer injuries due to negligence, calling David is an excellent choice.

Los Angeles Car Accident

A Proven L.A. Car Accident Lawyer

Amid all these hardships, when deciding among car accident law firms, it’s okay to keep it simple. You just want an attorney who is:

  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable
  • Effective at getting you the compensation you deserve
  • Compassionate and accessible

Amid all the life complications and stresses that follow a car collision, you can at least keep your legal choice relatively simple. David has the expertise, knowledge and effectiveness to get you the financial compensation you deserve, as well as the compassion and accessibility to help you through the process. David welcomes the opportunity to be your car accident lawyer, and recognizes these incidents sometimes involve an added layer of complexity when involving large commercial trucks. Contact David and team as soon as possible before accident evidence disappears. For your free consultation, call him 24/7 at 800-991-5292.

Preparing For Lawsuit With A Los Angeles Car Accident Law Firm

Angelenos have been choosing David for years, ever since he launched his practice back in 1998. His experience and knowledge of auto accidents is first-rate, coming from the numerous cases he’s handled. He’s even successfully represented many clients whose claims have been rejected by insurers and others whose accidents were caused by uninsured motorists.

Not only that, but David has also clearly demonstrated his legal effectiveness, winning cases for clients who’ve been in a car wreck at a 98-percent success rate. As an attorney, he has developed proven strategies over the years for establishing liability and negligence, and he knows what must be done to resolve legal actions in his clients’ favor. He is proud to hold the “Superb” rating for car accident and personal injury matters by legal services giant Avvo.

You also want an attorney who is tough in court but compassionate toward you and your circumstances. Unlike some car accident attorneys, David is still genuinely sympathetic toward what accident victims are going through, even after many years of dealing with auto crash cases. So he takes the time to explain to his clients each step in the legal process, and when he senses an opposing lawyer may bring up something unpleasant, he prepares them for it. He even gives his cell phone number to his clients because he knows they’ll still have questions, and he is committed to walking them through the sometimes confusing legal process.

It’s worth noting that the vast majority of car accident legal cases consist of two major parts – getting compensation for injuries and dealing with insurance companies. Let’s look more closely at each.

Uninsured or Underinsured Drivers Cause Problems

This is a common occurrence in California to be involved in an accident with an uninsured driver. Around one in five drivers in our state are driving without insurance, which they are legally required to have. A recent estimate placed the total number of California drivers without insurance at more than four million.

LA Car Accident Attorney

Underinsured drivers can also present a particular difficulty if one is liable for your crash. At a minimum in our state, drivers need to have bodily injury liability coverage of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident. These amounts may be insufficient to cover the your expenses.

Typically, these situations are covered by your own uninsured/underinsured auto insurance coverage. David will walk you through the process of communicating with your insurance company about this, but if you and the company cannot come to an agreement as to what is fair compensation, he will represent you when the matter goes to arbitration.

Depending on the unique circumstances of your case, he may also be able to file a bad faith lawsuit against your insurance company.


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Car Crash Lawyer David Azizi Explains Accident Injuries

Most of the minor injuries and all of the serious ones require immediate medical treatment. Even if a driver or passenger feels basically fine right after a crash, it is still a good idea to consult with a medical professional without delay. That’s because an auto accident injury may not be felt by a crash survivor for hours or possibly until the next day. Getting checked out by a physician right after such incidents will also help with the legal process by starting a paper trail of injury documentation.

Most of these injuries also cost a lot to treat. These expenses can include multiple doctor visits or hospital stays, physical therapy sessions, and sometimes treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It all ends up taking a large chunk out of personal or family savings.

Whiplash and Spinal Injuries Are Common After a Car Accident – Watch 1-Minute Video

Watch the video below to see how a car accident can cause a whiplash injury which could lead to a common spinal condition known as a herniated disk.



Roadway marks can show braking efforts.

How A Car Accident Lawyer Investigates Your Case

David considers the potential liability of every party related to the accident, including the city and county, which are responsible for proper road construction and maintenance. To link the crash to specific injuries, he examines every detail of the car accident injury reports. Then, representing you as your lawyer, he deposes, or interviews, drivers, passengers and witnesses under oath. He collects every last detail necessary and paints for the jury an accurate and compelling case.


Recovery Periods Vary

David knows that a lot of pain and trauma can result from auto crashes. He’s represented many clients who have faced recovery periods lasting many months or years. A number of them, like those who have experienced an amputation, have lifelong injuries. If you’ve been hurt in an auto collision, David will represent you with excellence while seeking the monetary restitution you need from those responsible for your accident.

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Dealing With Insurance Companies

As we discussed earlier, life becomes complicated and challenging in many ways after an accident. Dealing with insurance companies can greatly add to the stress. As an auto insurance lawyer, David Azizi can definitely assist you. If the insurance company has questions or wants information, they will be instructed to call David not you. Ideally, all the parties involved in a crash and all of their insurance companies are cooperating. Yet even then, you may have to wait for some of your medical claims to be processed, meaning you’ll have to cut back on other spending until your reimbursement checks arrive. David will ensure that the insurance companies are handling your claims in a timely manner. Because these companies are typically for-profit businesses, they attempt to minimize their payouts and are known to resist offering fair compensation. It may be the at-fault party’s insurer or even your own that is failing to give you fair compensation. Among lawyers for car insurance claims, David is outstanding and will be glad to help you get the payments to which you’re entitled.

Begin Your Case With A Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

When you’re the victim of someone else’s negligence, David will take legal action on your behalf to recover these costs, along with lost wages from missed work and other related expenses. One of the reasons David Azizi offers a free consultation 24/7 is because he’s well aware that car collisions can happen any time of day and any day of the week. Once you contact him, he gets right to work as your auto injury attorney, so you can get the payment you need as soon as possible. David begins by getting himself or his investigative partners out to the accident location as soon as possible. They take every needed measurement of tire skids and sight lines, and they photograph every possibly relevant characteristic of the scene. At the same time, he goes line by line through the police accident report and directs his staff to research the makes and models of the vehicles involved, as well as the log of collisions at the accident site and the history of warning signage at that location. To begin moving on after an accident, call David anytime day or night. He provides a free, no-obligation case evaluation and will be able to answer any questions you may have. You can reach him at (800) 991-5292 or fill out our online form if that is easier for you. David is available on weekends and after hours because he knows accidents don't occur just during business hours.
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