David Azizi, a Los Angeles accident attorney, makes it easy to find out what your case is worth. While every case is different, and it is impossible to say for sure how much a client will recover, using our car accident settlement calculator can give you an idea. Give it a try! Once you have answered the questions, push the calculate button to receive more information. It’s important to leave your contact information, so we can let you know if the estimate is right.

Car Accident Claim Calculator

The financial loss you suffered due to an accident is known as damages. After your attorney knows the details of your case, the damages will be determined. It is possible to get an “about” figure of how much your injury claim is worth, using our injury calculator. Let’s answer the questions and fill in the amounts in the form below to see how the are damages calculated.

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    Noneconomic damages are decided by the jury. Your attorney will suggest a level of necessary compensation and provide compelling reasons why it is needed. The judge instructs the jury that they are not held to a set calculation, but that based on the case, they decide on a reasonable and fair amount.
    See Jury instructions.

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    Car Accident Settlement Calculator

    Car Accidents – the Cost Is High

    You’ve been in a car accident, your car may be damaged, you may be injured and you may be losing time at work. It is important to find a way to pay the bills that are steadily streaming to your door. You are thinking there must be a way to recover your loss, and a friend mentions that talking to a lawyer might help. The next question is what is my case worth?

    Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles: David Azizi

    David Azizi knows how devastating a car accident can be. If you have suffered a car accident and want to know what your case is worth, use the car accident settlement calculator above. If you’d like to find out more about a possible case, or settlement, contact us at (800) 991-5292. We can answer any questions you might have. If you wish, we can set up a free, no-obligation case review.