Rollovers occur when a vehicle ends up on its roof or side as a result of a motor vehicle accident. This is one of the most dangerous types of car accidents, frequently causing fatalities and severe injuries. In 2016, almost 7,500 people died in rollover accidents, and many thousands were injured across the country.

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Rollover Accidents Happen With Every Kind of Vehicle

While SUVs, light trucks and vans are more likely to experience a rollover, this can occur with any vehicle. However, the tendency a vehicle has to rollover in any instance is influenced by the speed of the vehicle, sensitivity of the steering, center of mass and width of the vehicle’s axle. When the accident was caused by negligence, whether by another driver, road defect or for another cause, the injured person or family that lost a loved one can place a claim for compensation for their loss.

Even when these wrecks do not result in death, they often cause severe injuries that affect the head, brain and spinal cord. Paraplegia and quadriplegia are not uncommon outcomes. Among the most common injuries from a vehicle rollover are broken bones and damaged internal organs.

Obtaining Compensation After a Rollover Accident

Negligent drivers, lack of proper maintenance or design of a roadway or poorly designed motor vehicles can all contribute to a rollover and resultant injuries or fatalities. An attorney experienced in rollovers can examine the evidence in the case and conduct their investigation into the accident. If the fault is with a negligent driver, that individual can be held responsible for the financial burden caused by accident injuries or deaths.

If the responsibility lies with a government entity because of a poorly designed roadway, guardrails or other causes, the lawyer can file against the government entity responsible such as the city, county or state. In the third type of negligence, the attorney can build a strong auto product liability lawsuit and hold the manufacturer, designer and others involved in the substandard vehicle responsible.

Types of Rollover Accidents

Rollovers are either tripped or untripped. Tripped rollovers occur in about 95 percent of accidents. This happens when a vehicle’s tires strike an object such as a guardrail or gravel or soft soil. Tripped rollovers also occur when force is applied against the side of a vehicle such as in a motor vehicle accident. Untripped rollovers occur in a minority of accidents when a vehicle is cornering. Gravity, inertia and the tires combine to overcome gravity, causing the vehicle to roll.

Vehicles That Are More Likely to Experience a Rollover

SUVs are especially vulnerable to roll over because they are higher. This raises the center of mass and increases the risk of rollover. Full-size pickups and vans also have an elevated center of mass, and some are equipped with heavy-duty suspension to carry more passengers, which increases rollover risk. Those vehicles that are carrying a lot of weight such as a 15-passenger van are at high risk and rollover frequently in an accident.

Rollover Accidents and Design or Manufacturer Defects

Many of these types of accidents can be attributed to mechanical design and performance. Such issues as poor stability or suspension design, tire defects and brake systems that do not work properly can contribute to a rollover.

Rollovers Often Cause an Increase in Injuries

When a vehicle is struck initially in a crash, the airbags deploy and seat belts keep the occupants in a seated position. However, the airbags do not provide additional protection to occupants in a rollover because the front airbags deflate almost immediately. In the additional impacts caused by the rollover, the accident victim may be subject to more injuries as the body strikes against the vehicle’s interior. Also, seat belts are designed to protect the vehicle’s occupant up to a certain speed. The new movement and strain caused by a rollover may result in the seat restraint breaking, resulting in additional harm.

Crushed Roof in a Rollover

Vehicles without sufficient strength to withstand a rollover may sustain a crushed roof in an accident, causing traumatic head injuries and additional fatalities. Under federal standards, a vehicle’s roof is supposed to support 1.5 times the weight of the car. However, poorly designed vehicles with weaker supports and structural strength may fail to keep the occupants inside safe. When windshields are blown out or the side pillars buckle, it can cause the occupants to be entirely or partially ejected from the vehicle, causing severe injuries or fatalities.

Reducing the Risk of Rollover

Because rollovers cause injuries and raise the risk of a fatality in an accident, using measures to reduce that risk is important. Following are some of the ways that lessen the risk of injuries:

  • Newer vehicles offer more safety features that can protect against a rollover. Electronic stability control, warning systems and side airbags can lessen injuries if you are in a rollover or assist in preventing one of these dangerous accidents.
  • Check your tires and buy new ones if necessary. Improperly inflated tires can contribute to a rollover. The tire pressure should be checked monthly, and replacements should be of the same type as the others when possible.
  • Use your seat belts any time you get into your vehicle. About 50 percent of the fatalities that occur from rollovers happen when an individual is completely or partially ejected. While some think that being thrown clear may increase their chance of survival, this is untrue. Fully 75 percent of those removed from a vehicle in any type of crash are killed.
  • Speeding increases the risk of rollover and also makes it more likely that a driver will lose control. According to government reports, about 40 percent of the fatalities caused by rollovers involve speeding.
  • Use caution when loading a vehicle, especially if you drive a pickup or SUV because you may be decreasing its stability. Check the load ratings on your vehicle and do not overload. Heavy cargo should go near the center of the car, and never place heavy loads on the top of the vehicle.

Recovering Damages in a Rollover Accident

Those who are injured or lose a loved one in a motor vehicle accident caused by negligence should never have to bear the financial burden of paying for their medical costs and other expenses associated with the accident. An experienced personal injury lawyer such as David Azizi can help to recover those expenses.

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