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You Be The Judge & Jury | Case #1: The Ice Bag

We surveyed 600 people about an incident involving an ice bag, a grocery store, and a woman who got injured slipping and falling. Here’s the Big Question We Need Answered From You: Is the grocery store responsible for the injuries of customer #2 who slipped and fell on their property? Gather The Facts: Watch The […]
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Listen To The Truck Accident Podcast Episode

Answers With Azizi – The Personal Injury Lawsuit Podcast

Welcome to “Answers with Azizi,” a straightforward audio conversation with Los Angeles amputation lawyer David Azizi about the legal matters affecting those who have been harmed, often due to the negligence of another party. Listen to the podcast episode […]

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How Will Driverless Cars Impact Automobile Safety?

The BBC recently released an article claiming the UK hopes to become the world leader in autonomous, or self-driving, automobile technology by the end of the decade. In doing so, the British government will pass a code of practice in the next few months to regulate driverless technology. Close to 30 million dollars will be […]
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Tips That Can Get You to Your Destination in Los Angeles

If you’ve come to this page, you’re already more than aware of L.A.’s reputation as a “slow” city…especially during rush hour. While we can’t help but love our City of Angels, it can be just as scary as it is frustrating to get stuck in traffic in the city. It’s important to know not only […]
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