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Cement Trucks Can Be Very Dangerous Vehicles

A cement truck, more commonly called a concrete truck by the construction industry, is a commercial vehicle that transports large quantities of cement, water, and construction mixing materials like sand and gravel — called aggregate — all used to produce the finished product of concrete. A cement truck normally transports the concrete in a cylinder-shaped drum made of steel or fiberglass that gets attached to the cab of the truck.

Other common names associated with cement trucks include:

  • Concrete truck
  • Concrete mixer truck
  • Concrete transport truck
  • Concrete mixing transport truck
  • Mixer truck
  • Transit mixer
  • Cement mixer truck
  • In-transit mixer

What Makes Cement Trucks Dangerous?

A cement truck cab (where the driver sits) and trailer can weigh up to 30,000 pounds and is capable of carrying a cargo of an additional 40,000 pounds of concrete materials. When 70,000 pounds of steel, gasoline, concrete and fiberglass spill their contents or collide with another vehicle carrying passengers, traumatic injuries are nearly always involved.

Common Cement Truck Accidents Types and Causes

Concrete trucks can cause havoc and injuries in a number of ways. Our California cement truck crash law firm sees these types of accidents most commonly associated with these massive vehicles:

  • Collisions with other cars or big rig trucks
  • Wrecks involving a concrete truck tipping over like in this 2017 incident
  • Hitting a pedestrian who is walking or on a bicycle
  • Accidents involving a road collapse
  • Gasoline and fuel spills
  • Highway spills of concrete materials from mixing drum of truck
  • Injuries and spills at work site (often triggering a workers comp claim)
  • How To File A Lawsuit Against a Cement Truck Driver

    It’s important to know the legal steps to take after an accident with a concrete truck. In this audio podcast, cement truck accident lawyer David Azizi answers the most essential questions about crashes with big rigs, 18-wheelers, buses and other large trucks and commercial vehicles. Play the episode below.

    A Higher Standard Required By Cement Trucker Drivers

    Drivers of concrete trucks and the companies that contract these drivers are legally held to a higher standard than regular passenger vehicles. The drivers of large commercial vehicles must obtain additional training, must be issued a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), and different California laws apply on the roads and in the warehouses.

    Cement truck drivers must, for example, abide by different laws regarding the use of alcohol and drug use. The typical “one drink per hour” trend followed by some passenger vehicle drivers to keep their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) below 0.08% does not work the same for commercial drivers, who are legally bound in California to maintain a BAC below 0.04%. When they do not meet this standard, these truckers have violated California DUI laws.

    These higher standards apply across many disciplines of the industry, meaning that truckers and the big truck companies must follow the same set of laws passenger drivers follow, plus several additional laws specific to trucking industry. Violate any of these, and they are liable for the wrecks and injuries caused when operating large concrete trucks.

    How a Cement Truck Crash Lawyer Proves Fault

    Liability, in its most basic form, means that you are the party or parties responsible, or “at fault,” by law for the wrong that has been done to another person, and that those wrongs carry consequences requiring action. If a trucker has committed a criminal act, they may face criminal penalties including jail time. If they have caused you or your property harm, a civil law case will usually determine how they need to pay for their errors.

    The most common way a cement truck or semi truck accident lawyer will work to establish the liability of the driver and the trucking company is by proving negligence. Negligence means the driver owed you that high duty of care on the road, and did not meet those standards, and you got harmed as a result.

    There are many different acts of negligence committed by concrete truck drivers. Many of the laws regulating truck drivers are mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Some of the more popular causes of crashes involving negligence and that have failed to meet the FMCSA’s goal to prevent crashes, injuries and fatalities involving large trucks and buses include:

    • Speeding and reckless driving
    • Distracted driving including texting or eating
    • Fatigued driving involving
    • Spillage of contents due to improper loading
    • Oversized loads
    • DUI Crashes
    • Improper backing up
    • Disregard for traffic signals

    A skilled and experienced cement truck wreck lawyer will know how to establish liability. Once we determine the trucker and company are at fault, then we can pursue a recovery for you in the form of money damages — the financial compensation required to “right the wrong” and bring justice to the injured victims and their families.

    Paying Medical Bills and Recovering Lost Wages

    The justice you deserve after a crash or accident with a cement truck involves making a financial recovery to pay for all aspects of the incident. We will pursue the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law to pay for the critical expenses of:

    • Medical bills for multiple surgeries, doctor visits, in-patient hospital stays, outpatient treatment, physical therapy and medical equipment
    • Loss of wages for work you have missed, or loss of income when you are self-employed
    • Opportunities for a raise of promotion missed when you are gone from work due to extensive injuries
    • Expenses needed to replace your damaged or destroyed vehicle, and to rent a vehicle when allowed
    • Payment for your ongoing pain and suffering

    How Much Is My Cement Truck Accident Claim Worth?

    Every concrete truck lawsuit and case we handle will be unique, but the amount of compensation we collect our injured clients always comes back to the same main factors discussed above:

    Liability – who is at fault? And what percentage are they at fault?

    Damages – what financial penalties exist? What are your specific injuries? How much will your total expenses be not just today, but five or 10 years from now as a result of this accident?

    We encourage a visit to our truck injury settlement calculator to get a first guess as what your case might be worth. Armed with this preliminary information, you can have access to similar tools that we will use during a free review of your case. Please note: the best way to determine the accuracy of what your case will be worth is through our free case evaluation process where we dig deep into the evidence and facts of your specific case.

    Begin With a Proven Cement Truck Accident Law Firm in L.A.

    The Law Offices of David Azizi are committed to fighting for your justice, taking on the big trucking companies, and making sure that every cement truck driver is made to pay what they owe for their negligence in a major concrete truck wreck.

    We know the words “do not delay” are very common in many industries. In Civil law, which handles these cases, there is a deadline for beginning a legal claim or lawsuit. For a case involving a government vehicle, the statute of limitations in California can be as little as six month. We encourage every injured victim to protect themselves by taking the next step for a free case review before that critical window closes.

    Cement truck cases can be very complex and you can bet the trucking companies have huge legal and financial resources fighting to make sure you don’t get paid fairly. David and team have a 98 percent success rate with personal injury cases are standing by for your call 24/7, or you can reach them via the form or chat function on this page. It’s time to get the justice and financial recovery you and your family deserve by law.