Big rigs are of concern to other motorists along the nation’s roadways because of the risk of accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration operates an enforcement and compliance program that monitors every motor carrier throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. However, despite this, truck accident fatalities hit an all-time high in 2017, and 450,000 accidents were reported to police that year that involved big rigs or other large trucks.

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Reasons for the Uptick in Injuries and Fatalities

More and more cargo is shipped using big rigs as the economy grows, and this has caused a rapid increase in the number of vehicles seen throughout California. The TMCSA collects data and keeps dangerous big trucks off the road by performing safety audits and roadside inspections. It investigates cases where problems occur and recommends actions to take to correct problems. It also collects state-generated reports on crashes that occur that include or are caused by large trucks.

Trucking Compliance, Safety and Accountability Records

  • Traffic infractions: these can include any type of behavior that violates traffic laws or is unsafe, including reckless driving, distracted driving, speeding or not using seatbelts.
  • Accident history: This is information that is not released to the public but includes any accidents the truck or driver has been involved in.
  • Maintenance records: Service records such as for the lights, brakes or other areas where maintenance was required are kept. Records will be checked to ensure repairs or replacement parts were taken care of.
  • Service hours: Service hours, called HOS, are checked to ensure the driver is in compliance with the law. This can include checking the logbook or electronic data recorder.
  • Driver fitness: Drivers must be medically fit, have a valid license and be 21 years of age or older.
  • Alcohol and drugs: Drivers must have had no DUIs (both drugs and alcohol) for the previous five years. Drivers must also be able to pass a drug screening.
  • Hazardous materials: This is also an area of screening that is not available to the public. It includes improper packaging, checking for containers that leak and using the appropriate placard for the material being transported.
  • Common Types of Truck Accidents

    A big rig that is involved in a collision with another vehicle, motorcycle rider, bicyclist or pedestrian can cause serious harm or a fatality. Big rigs have characteristics that other vehicles don’t, so there are special considerations when a motorist is driving near one. Some of the differences exhibited by a big rig include:

    • Jackknifes: Several things can cause a jackknife accident, which is when the tractor goes at a slower speed than the trailer it is pulling. This causes the trailer to swing around in the shape of a jackknife. If other vehicles are in the trailer’s path, they can be crashed into or go underneath the trailer. Common causes of jackknife accidents include inadequate training of the driver, using the wrong brake, speeding and improper speed for the weather conditions.
    • Underride/Override Accidents: Underride accidents occur when a truck stops short or the vehicle coming up behind does not realize the big rig has slowed down. Although many big rigs have underride guards to safeguard against this type of accident, some older ones may not. Underride accidents are a common reason for fatalities since often the top of the vehicle passing underneath is sheared off.
    • No Zones: Many vehicles have blind spots in them where it is difficult for the driver to see clearly, and this can lead to an accident. In a big rig, the blind spots are enormous because of the height of the driver and the length and size of the truck and trailer. Truck drivers cannot see directly in front of their vehicle, nor can they see for some distance behind it. A large part of the left lane is a no-zone as well as an even larger section of the right-hand side. This is one reason other motorists should handle driving close to a big rig with extreme caution.

    Injuries in a Collision With a Big Truck

    Injuries that can be suffered in a collision with a big truck are similar to those they would experience in any other type of accident. However, because of the much larger size and weight of a big truck, those injuries may be worse and the risk of a fatality can be increased.

    Types of injuries can include:

    • Head and brain injuries: From a skull fracture to serious traumatic brain injuries, these can be among the most dangerous. TBIs that are more serious can end up causing a fatality or permanent brain damage, which requires skilled around-the-clock care in a special facility.
    • Back and spinal cord injuries: Back injuries may range from damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments to a slipped disc or fractured vertebrae. At its extreme, the spinal cord may be severely damaged or severed, which results in partial or complete paralysis. The extent of the paralysis depends on the location of the damage but can result in paraplegia or quadriplegia.
    • Broken bones: Many broken bones heal in a few weeks with few residual problems. Others may involve compound fractures or crush injuries and can require multiple surgeries to repair.
    • Chest injuries: Injuries can occur due to the seat restraints or airbags. In more violent accidents, the chest can strike the steering wheel. Chest injuries can range from bruising to fractured ribs or clavicle. A punctured lung caused by a broken rib or damage to the heart can occur also.
    • Abdominal injuries: Abdominal injuries may range from soft tissue or organ damage to a penetrating injury. Internal bleeding may occur, which is life-threatening and may not present right away but be delayed. Organs commonly injured in a traffic collision include the spleen and intestines.

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