Truck related accidents have been rising as more and more goods need to get to market. This coincides with a decrease in truckers. In fact, many trucking companies are having a hard time recruiting potential drivers. With more goods to haul, this comes at a bad time. Because of this, some trucking companies have begun to lower their expectations. This causes a problem for other motorists who depend on truckers to drive in a prudent fashion. Let’s look at the requirements to become a trucker in California, how some drivers are poorly screened and problems that are affecting drivers nationally.

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Requirements for Driving a Truck in California

Truck drivers must fulfill the following requirements to be allowed to drive a truck in California:

  • Have a GED or proof of graduating high school
  • Have a good driving record
  • Be 18 years of age to drive in California and 21 to drive out of state
  • Have a Class D license for one year and not have any marks against it
  • Must possess a Social Security card
  • Be a California resident
  • Be able to pass a 10-year background check
  • Have insurance
  • Undergo and pass a medical examination
  • Be able to pass TSA screening
  • Pass drug tests during screening and periodically afterward

Tests That a Truck Driver Must Pass

There are two parts to the truck driver licensing test. The first is a test that looks at your knowledge of safety rules and your acumen about driving on the road. The second part is the skills test. This has three parts. They center on-road driving, vehicle inspection and control and operation of a truck. Schools are available that help the would-be trucker bone up on all aspects of the testing. Once it is passed, the trucker will be issued a CDL license.

Problems Facing the Trucking Industry

Aside from fewer drivers applying to be truck drivers, other issues are complicating the safety profile truckers should have. For instance, the trucking industry has worn down a good portion of the government’s resolve to put safety first when it comes to trucking companies. This means carefully adhering to the requirements for hiring drivers and relaxing many of the rules meant to keep everyone safe.

Advocates are asking Congress to extend the weight of a tractor-trailer beyond 80,000 pounds and increase the weight limits on individual trucks. Some are pushing for fewer rest periods when truckers already work 70 hours per week. In addition, some companies are paying drivers less by overlooking some of the rigid requirements they must pass. Take, for instance, a trucker’s requirement to inspect and control their vehicle. By decreasing the standard for compliance, the companies lower the bar on safety and increase the probability of accidents.

What This Means When You Have an Accident

If the trucker’s ability to drive a truck and adhere to the rules is less than what they should be, the chances of an accident are increased. Considering that the trucks weigh on average 80,000 pounds, this is a daunting thought. Your lawyer can investigate the trucker to see if they met all the requirements. Even if they did, an attorney can check mandatory records that a trucker must keep seeing if inspections were done and if corrections were made if a problem was found. By doing this, the attorney can build a strong case against the trucker and his or her employer. Trucking companies often try to hide mistakes and it is up to your attorney to prove infractions led to the accident.

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