How to Describe a Car Crash

Organization is always a good thing. This is also true when you are talking about a car accident. At first, it might seem that your thoughts are jumbled, with one scene running into another. The truth is that the flow of a car accident has a beginning, middle and end. Take a moment after the crash to collect your thoughts and then write everything down. When you do, you’ll see a semblance of order appearing on the page. Let’s take a look at how to describe your car accident to yourself, the police and your insurance company.

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How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

After a car accident, many questions are asked. This is true whether the accident was your fault or not. Police, insurance companies, both yours and the others driver’s, all want to know your version of what happened. In the stress of the moment, it is possible to say things you may regret later on. However, if you have legal representation, a trained professional will answer the questions in your stead.

David Azizi has practiced personal injury law for 22 years. He uses his considerable experience when talking to insurers and even witnesses to the accident. In fact, witnesses have a great deal to add since they saw the accident from a vantage point that you were not privy to. Many people keep David’s telephone number on their cell phone for just this purpose. One call and David provides the sense of reassurance you need in this very difficult of times. Just reach out to David at (800) 991-5292 anytime for the advice and compassionate care you need.

Put your Thoughts in Order

Ask yourself the following questions, and write down your answers. Remember, be truthful, objective and calm while you are doing this.

  • Get a sense of the vehicles in the accident and the number of people if you can. Sometimes, it might just be you and one other vehicle. In others, several vehicles might be involved, or if it was a chain-reaction, many others.
  • Where were you when the crash happened?
  • Ask yourself what caused the accident. This might be a difficult step since you were not seeing the accident in its totality. Write down what you think caused it with a question mark after it if you are unsure. You can come back to that later.
  • Was reckless driving involved? Which vehicle and driver appeared to be driving recklessly?
  • What was the reckless driver doing? Were they speeding, passing through a stop sign or a traffic light?
  • Was impaired driving involved?
  • Had you noticed that a vehicle seemed to be moving erratically before the accident happened?
  • If there was a third vehicle involved, were they hit by another driver and forced into your path?
  • Were other vehicle signal lights working or used, and if you hit them in the rear, did you notice the brake lights?
  • If you spoke to witnesses, what did they say caused the accident?
  • Did you talk to a witness? Did the other driver approach your vehicle?

Pictures Are Important

The old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words is true. There are times you cannot get out of your vehicle and take pictures such as when the accident happens on a busy highway or if you are injured. However, if you can, use your cell phone to take pictures of all pertinent details. For instance, get a shot of where the vehicles are placed after the crash, damages that are visible and skid marks on the pavement. Skid marks are important because they show things such as whether the driver applied his or her brakes. Vehicle placement will tell you and the accident reconstruction expert your attorney may bring onboard a lot about how the accident happened. If you can get photos of the license plates too. Take a photo of a mile marker if one is nearby.

If another driver protests that you are taking photos, just stop. Some people become aggressive after an accident, and you don’t want to be caught in the middle of that. If you have already called your attorney, someone from their office is probably headed your way with a camera if the accident was substantial.

Other Information

While you are waiting for the police, take a moment to talk to other drivers and witnesses. Don’t strike up a long conversation about whose fault the accident was. Just ask for contact information and, in the case of another driver who was involved in the accident, their insurance and vehicle registration.

Write down if any construction work was in progress when the accident occurred or if there were detours. Note the weather and roadway conditions. They might have had a part in the crash. If the vehicle that caused the accident left the scene, try to think of anything you can remember about it. Even small details can help the police apprehend the driver.

Who Will Question You

Most importantly, the police and insurance companies have the right to ask questions. If a police officer comes to the scene of the accident, he or she will be asking questions to fill out a report. Answer the questions honestly and calmly. While it is natural to be upset when you have been in a car accident, try to tone it down. The police are just doing their job. Don’t forget to get the name of the law enforcement officer. It helps later when trying to obtain a police report. If possible, ask the officer if he or she can give you a copy.

Your insurance company will probably have a few questions. All you are required to give them is basic information in this first call such as where it happened and how many vehicles were involved or if someone was injured. If you are not sure of any answer, just say so. If the insurer asks to record your call, you should indicate that your attorney will be calling them shortly. The same goes for the other driver’s insurer. As with the police, answer the basic questions honestly. If you lie, the insurer could deny your claim.

How Can You Be Sure to Have All the Information You Need?

It is essential that before you leave the scene of the accident you have all the information you need to answer additional questions down the line. You can do this by downloading David Azizi’s app. This app, designed by David, is a guide to what your need to do and what information you need to gather when the accident happens. Many people download it to their cell phone just in case they are in an accident. Just click here for a free download.

A Car Accident Law Firm You Can Trust

If you have been in an accident and need a law firm you can trust to protect your rights, call David Azizi from your cell phone. David can be reached night and day at (800) 991-5292. He understands the tremendous stress you are under when a crash occurs and will make sure you can deal with the physical and emotional issues you are facing without worrying about insurance companies. He will be your representative from the moment you retain him, and questions can be directed his way.

David has a amazing track record with car accident cases, winning 98 percent. He is known as a compassionate person by his clients and a strong litigator by those he faces in court. David has never waivered from his love of the law and his decision to use his knowledge to help his clients move on after an accident. Call him and see why the community holds him in such high regard. You will be glad you did.