While outdoor ice is not plentiful in Southern California, slip and fall accidents in Los Angeles do happen indoors due to ice machine mishaps. David Azizi has practiced personal injury law for 26 years and has won 98 percent of his cases. He does this through meticulous attention to detail and a superior knowledge of the law. If you’ve been injured by an ice machine mishap, call him at (800) 991-5292.

How Ice Machine Accidents Happen

One of the most common causes of a slip and fall is when water pools in and around an ice machine. Most stores like WalMart, Target, Walgreens, Costco, Northgate Gonzalez Market, Vallarta, Cardenas and grocery stores have an ice machine or ice box that holds bags of ice that are for sale. When a customer purchases a bag of ice, there is a good chance a piece of ice will fall from the bag or out of the ice machine. An experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer has likely worked on a few of these types of cases.
Almost all retail establishments will have some type of mat that makes it safe for a customer or patron to walk in the area even if it is slightly wet. Unfortunately, there are some retailers or restaurants that have been negligent, and they have not purchased a mat or the mat has not been properly placed in front of the ice machine. In these situations, customers could very well fall and hurt their head, neck, back, arms or legs.
Another common ice machine situation is at a restaurant. Fast food and sit down restaurants now allow the customers to fill up their own drink at a row of soda dispensers. All of these soda machines dispense ice to cool off the beverages. If this machine is malfunctioning, it could send ice onto the restaurant floor. Patrons would be exposed to cubes of ice or melted ice on the floor, leading to a slip and fall accident.

Ice Machine Accidents in Hotels and Motels

Another place where slip and fall accidents happen is near ice machines in hotels or motels. This is often due to guests spilling ice on the floor as they fill containers with ice. On many occasions, the ice machine is in a lobby with tiled flooring. In others, the ice machine is in an outdoor alcove in a motel. In the latter case, poor lighting might make it impossible to see ice on the ground, even it is broom brushed cement. Falling on this type of surface can lead to serious head injuries, particularly if the guest falls backward.

Prevention of Ice Machine Slip and Fall Accidents

There are ways to prevent ice machine slip and fall accidents. Aside from timely inspections of the premises, the use of non-slip mats in and around the area that houses the ice machine is vital. It is important to check the mats to make sure they have not been moved or are too overwhelmed by water to be useful. If an establishment fails to have mats, they are behaving in a negligent way, and the owner/person in control is responsible for the financial cost of related slip and fall injuries.

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