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Premises Liability and Warning Signage

Store owners/persons in control of the premises are obligated to make every effort to keep the establishment safe for customers whether it’s Ralphs, Walmart, Vons, 99 Cents or other grocery stores. This duty of care means that the owner must either fix the dangerous condition or use a warning sign to alert customers to it until it can be remedied. Although the store must have a reasonable amount of time to be made aware of the situation, for the most part, frequent inspections of the premises eliminates the situation from going on too long.

Let’s say that there are no inspections, and water accumulates on the floor in the produce section of a grocery store. Unless there are non-slip mats in front of the bins holding the fruits and vegetables, someone will slip. In this case, the owner/management is responsible for the accident because it was something that was reasonably foreseeable.

On the other hand, if inspections were performed on a regular basis, a store employee would have seen the spill. He or she would have put a warning sign over the spill, and if it was large, blocked a larger area while leaving to get a mop and bucket.

How to Prove Liability

Having enough evidence to show that the management/owner did not take steps to prevent a slip and fall accident is vital. Since the evidence may disappear in a short amount of time, one of the most important things you can do is to obtain a picture of the condition and whether warning signage was used. Make sure to file an incident report, and obtain a copy of it.

Check to see if there are video cameras in the area where the fall occurred. Take a picture of the video cameras and any others nearby. The cameras may have captured your accident. Ask for footage from video cameras in the vicinity of your slip and fall. The footage would also prove that no warning signs were used.

If witnesses saw you fall, ask for their contact information, and obtain a written statement if possible. Even if a witness did not see you fall, they may offer testimony in support of your injuries. Ask any witness if they saw the same thing happen before. Question them if they ever saw use of warning signage in the store.

See a doctor or emergency care physician. The doctor’s medical records link your injuries to the incident and provide tangible documentation of your injuries. You can take a picture of any bruises or lacerations you may have when you return home. Keep a diary of how you feel, it’s hard to remember weeks or months ahead.

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