The goal of our Los Angeles slip and fall law firm is to get the very best possible result for our clients in the shortest amount of time possible. That scenario often lines up in what is known as settlement – the specific terms all parties agree to in order to bring a slip and fall case to an end. In order to reach a settlement, an experienced slip and fall lawyer who knows the law will be able to negotiate to collect for you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries, loss of work and pain and suffering.

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The Law Offices of David Azizi need to hear your story so we can begin developing a strategy to quickly reach a settlement in your case. We have a proven track record of solid settlements for our clients. To immediately set up a free slip and fall case review, call (800) 991-5292.

Win Settlement With a Los Angeles Slip and Fall Law Firm

David Azizi and our L.A. slip and fall law firm will work to win your case by showing the defense that the only option they have is settlement. In most cases where the defense admits to liability for your injuries, we will propose the monetary amount of damages they are responsible. When they agree, we have reached settlement. In our free case review, our team can also discuss the following about your case:

A 3-Minute Conversation All About Slip And Fall Case Timelines

Join Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer David Azizi as he discusses the factors involved in determining how long settlements and decisions take. Play the audio episode directly below.

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