Slip and fall injuries can happen anywhere, however, they are most common in grocery stores where water and other substances are often found on the floor. Other places include parking lots, city streets, private homes and other facilities. Injuries related to slip and fall or trip and fall can run the gamut from a fractured knee to a serious head injury and have a profound effect on your life. Expenses can mount too with medical care, lost wages and the inability to do the things you once enjoyed.

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The financial loss you suffered due to an accident is known as damages. After your attorney knows the details of your case, the damages will be determined. It is possible to get an “about” figure of how much your injury claim is worth, using our injury calculator. Let’s answer the questions and fill in the amounts in the form below to see how the are damages calculated.

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    Noneconomic damages are decided by the jury. Your attorney will suggest a level of necessary compensation and provide compelling reasons why it is needed. The judge instructs the jury that they are not held to a set calculation, but that based on the case, they decide on a reasonable and fair amount.
    See Jury instructions.

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    What Part Does Negligence Play

    Negligence is often involved in such injuries. A property owner or a store manager has the responsibility of making sure the environment under his or her care is safe. This is accomplished by routine, scheduled checks of the premises and efforts to fix the problem in a timely manner once it is found. For instance, if water is on the floor, you will commonly find a sign warning customers of a wet floor. If this is not used or if the problem is not resolved, the person injured by such negligence has a right to recover damages.

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