While most people think about recovering from a personal injury for pain and suffering, loss of wages or medical bills, some may not think about the damage to their credit report or score. In a day and age when credit scores are extremely important to buy a car, home, or other things, it comes as no surprise that many are looking to keep their credit in good standing. Keeping credit in good standing can be difficult if thousands of dollars of medical bills are building up after a car or truck accident.

Why Does a Credit Score Decrease After an Accident?

After enduring a car accident, slip and fall or spinal cord injury, there is a good chance the medical bills could exceed $100,000. Most Americans do not have $100,000 sitting around in their savings to pay medical expenses. Even those with a great health insurance policy can accumulate plenty of bills due to unpaid expenses. Rather than thinking you have to pay for all of these costs out of your pocket, please feel free to contact the Law Offices of David Azizi.

Looking at the Effect an Accident Has on Your Credit Score

As we analyze your case, we will also look over the possibility of a credit score being damaged. If you have noticed that your credit score has plummeted, causing high interest rates on your credit cards, home loans and car loans, it may be the case that our attorneys and lawyers can recover those expenses. A personal injury due to negligence by another individual should not cause you to go into debt.

How to Recover Damages to Your Credit Score

This has two venues. If an accident victim is represented by an attorney from the beginning, the personal injury lawyer can contact the individual’s credit card companies to let them know what has happened. The attorney can also help after your credit score was injured by contacting the credit bureau. Finally, the damage to your credit score and the toll it is taking on your life and financial situation can be included in the damage the accident caused.

Call David Azizi for Help

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