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What Is an Incident Report in a Slip, Trip and Fall Accident?

An incident report, whether the accident happened at Vons, Cardenas or other grocery stores, Walmart, on the sidewalk, in the post office or in an office building, shares one overriding common factor. It will ask for your name, address and other contact information as well as the store’s location. Other requested information is what type of accident it is, what caused the accident, a description of the accident, injuries you experienced, and in some cases, how you feel. Normally, the store person in charge will also fill out his or her part of the report.

It is best to provide an accurate, straightforward description of the accident and your injuries. While in some cases you might have been preoccupied with shopping and could have missed seeing the danger, the hazard was not supposed to be there. Even if you did not pay attention, the business would be considered the major contributor to the accident.

Are There Different Types of Incident Reports?

Yes, there are. Of course, minor differences might exist from one store to another, however, they are more alike than not. Government offices, city sidewalks or other common areas such as parks that are under federal, city or state regulation are quite different in the way the reporting process is done.

Government buildings and outdoor areas do not have an in-facility form that you fill out and give to the person in charge. Rather, there is a detailed report that is filed in a specified way. If you fail to file on time or if the report is sent to the wrong office, your claim may be denied.

Governmental Slip and Fall Injury Incident Notice of Claim Reports

The way in which an incident notice report is filed for a slip and fall accident on government property comes with precise requirements. In California, you must meet the California Torts Claim Act requirements. This law specifies that the claim notice must be filed within a six-month period, and the government has 45 days to respond. If the claim is approved, your case will be considered. If your case is denied, you still have the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit. If the procedures are not followed precisely, you will be unable to bring a claim against the city, state or federal entity.

What Information Is Needed on a Government Incident Notice of Claim Report

Some of the information is similar to that of other incident reports such as your contact information and the description and location of the accident. However, this notice also asks for the financial loss you suffered due to medical treatment, lost wages in an itemized description as well as doctors you saw, witnesses you have and a diagram of the area. The report also asks how the government was negligent.

The report must be sent to the correct office. If not, it may languish somewhere, and the burden is on you to get it where it belongs. Usually, the notice is not forwarded to the correct office. It’s a good idea to have proof you sent it and also to call the city or county clerk’s office to make sure you have the right address. If it’s a California state report, call the Government Claims Office.

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