In one of the most talked about personal injury cases in recent memory Walmart has settled with Hollywood actor Tracy Morgan. The actor known for his skits on Saturday Night Live and his role as Tracy Johnson on the hit TV show “30 Rock” suffered a traumatic brain injury when a Walmart big rig rear ended the limo bus he was riding in in New Jersey. The truck accident occurred in 2014. Morgan began the lawsuit process shortly after the accident and was recently award his settlement.

At this point we do not know the amount awarded but it will likely be a significant sum of money. The reason for this is that a traumatic brain injury can severely disrupt a life. Morgan’s lawyer stated, ““When you have a traumatic brain injury it takes a long time to find out how you’re going to do and how much you’re going to recover. You just don’t know. So that’s where he is. He’s still fighting and trying to live his life at the same time and trying to get better, and he’s just not better. We’re hoping and praying to get him back to where he was. But the jury’s out.”

With Morgan making several million dollars a year with his acting career we would imagine the settlement offered him an amount to cover the loss of income, medical bills and pain and suffering. One of the main reasons this was such a high profile case was Walmart made a public statement that Tracy Morgan was not wearing a seat belt during the accident. Later, Walmart backed off the statement and accepted full blame for its driver, Kevin Roper, putting in too many consecutive hours. Roper hadn’t slept in 24 hours when the 18 wheeler truck accident occurred.

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