You Be the Judge and Jury - Law Offices of David AziziA black minivan, a blue BMW, a questionable choice at an intersection and a dangerous collision with injuries and property damages.

The Big Questions We Need Answered From You

  • Who is responsible and “at fault” for the collision?
  • Should the injured sedan victim be compensated? And if so, for how much?

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Parties Involved

  • Black Minivan Driver & Passenger – Injury Claim & Lawsuit Filed (Passenger)
  • Blue BMW Driver & Passenger – No Injury Claims Filed
  • Witness Testimony – Not Part of Collision. Perpsective of collision as viewed by driver of a third vehicle
You Be The Judge - Minivan Damage
Actual damage to black minivan after collision with BMW

The Basics of the Case

Two cars — a black minivan and a blue BMW — were involved in a daytime collision at the intersection of San Gabriel Blvd and Potrero Grande Dr / Rush Street the city of Rosemead, CA – Los Angeles County. Serious injuries occurred for parties.

Should the Minivan Passenger be compensated for damages that resulted from the collision? That’s for YOU to decide!

Full Details of the Case

Case #3 Name: 
The Minivan vs BMW Collision Injury Case

Location of Collision
Los Angeles, CA – Traffic Intersection of San Gabriel Blvd AND Potrero Grande Dr / Rush Street

Case 02 Location - You Be The Judge & Jury

Documented Injuries Of Minivan Passenger

$31,530.28 of costs to date for:

  • Displaced wrist fracture
  • Surgery requiring plates and screws
  • 2nd surgery to remove hardware
  • Permanent scarring of 1 inch on hand, forearm and underneath forearm
  • Current pain and suffering
  • Treating doctor has opinion that within 5-10 years minivan passenger may develop arthritis causing ongoing chronic pain. (This is disputed by doctor of BMW driver).

Medical Illustrations of Sedan Driver’s Spine & Disc Injuries

You Be The Judge Case 02 - Injuries

Police Report – Description of the Collision

Here are the original statements as written down by the police officer at the collision scene:


P-1 stated he was driving a minivan Eastbound on Rush St, at approximately 35 MPH, in the #1 lane (closest to center divider). P-1 stated he was driving to “WalMart” and entered the intersection against a red traffic signal light. P-1 collided into P-2, who was driving Northbound on San Gabriel Blvd. P-1 stated he was tired and was not paying attention to the traffic light change at the intersection.


P-2 stated he was driving Northbound on San Gabriel Blvd, in the #2 lane (closest to curb), at approximately 35 MPH. Suddenly, he collided into P-1, who was driving Eastbound on Rush St. P-2 stated he never saw P-1 until the collision. P-2 stated he drove into the intersection when he had a green light.


W-1 stated he was driving Northbound on San Gabriel Blvd with a green colored traffic signal light. Suddenly, P-1 entered the intersection from Eastbound on Rush St. causing W-1 to immediately step on his brakes to avoid the collision. W-1 stated P-1 entered the intersection and collided into P-2. W-1 stated he had a green colored signal light; P-1 had a red traffic light.

You Be the Judge 02 - BMW Damage
Actual damage to BMW after collision with Minivan

Sworn Deposition Testimony of Party 1, Party 2 and Witness

Below are the sworn deposition testimonies that were provided during the litigation phase of this case.


P-1 stated he was driving in daylight to Walmart, heading E/B on Portrero Grand / Rush in lane #1, closest to middle divider, at approximately 35 to 40 MPH. P-1 states that as he was approaching the intersection of San Gabriel and Portrero Grand / Rush, he saw that the light was green, as he entered the intersection, the light was yellow, and the next thing that he remembers occurring was that he got hit on the passenger side, and his minivan rolled.


P-2 stated he was driving home in daylight, heading N/B on San Gabriel Blvd in lane #2, closest to the curb, at approximately 35 MPH. States that he came to a stop at a red light at the intersection of the accident, and that there was one vehicle to the left of his vehicle. When the light turned green, he waited 1-2 seconds, then proceeded into the intersection at about 5 MPH. The front and front left portion of his BMW collided with the Minivan without warning and BMW driver states it was the minivan that came in contact with the BMW.


W-1 stated he was driving home at approximately 6:30pm, heading N/B on San Gabriel Blvd, in the left turn lane. States he approached Portrero Grand / Rush when the light was red. When it turned green, he followed one car ahead of him, waiting for oncoming traffic to clear so he could complete a left turn onto Portero Grand / Rush Street. States that while waiting for the turn, with a green light that was green for about 2 minutes, a minivan came E/B through the intersection, swerved around his car, and then was hit by the BMW causing the minivan to flip about three times.

Make Your Ruling Below – You Be The Judge & Jury!

Once you’ve considered the evidence and arguments, it’s time to make a decision on this case. Step in to become the judge and jury and bring justice to where justice is due.

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