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Fatal Car Accidents

Fatal automobile collisions are common. There are over six million car accidents in the United States annually with more than 37,000 fatalities. The number of deaths decreased slightly in recent years due to a greater emphasis on safety by automakers, law enforcement agencies and motorists. Nonetheless, the chances of being involved in a fatal car accident exist every time a motor vehicle operator takes to the road.

Facing an Unexpected Death

Family members are caught off guard when a call or a knock on the door announces that a loved one has been killed in a car crash. The news can cause significant pain and grief and anger. Family members often ask themselves how this could have happened and whether they might have played an active role in preventing the accident. Of course, in most cases, their ability to change the outcome is nil.

Why Are Some Deaths Considered Wrongful?

The main difference that identifies death as ‘wrongful’ is that it is due to another person’s or entity’s negligence or intentional act. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, unintentional fatalities are the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Wrongful Death Due to a Motor Vehicle Accident

Deaths in a car accident are the most common types of wrongful death. It results from a long list of behaviors that result in catastrophic collisions. The types of actions include:

  • Distracted driving: This has quickly become the leading cause of roadway crashes. It links back to the need for multitasking, so often seen as necessary in our culture. However, multitasking can lead to the driver taking his or her focus off the road. It takes only a few seconds of this type of behavior for an accident to occur. During an 11-second exchange, the vehicle can travel a minimum of two football fields. Besides, as the driver becomes engrossed in an email or text, the vehicle’s speed increases. It is easy to see how a fatal crash can happen.
  • Drunk driving: Drunk driving is ranked as number two behind distracted driving as the main reason behind all automotive accidents. When inebriated, the driver cannot focus on the task at hand and loses the ability to think clearly. Drunk drivers are also unable to judge the distance between their car and another vehicle or pedestrian.
  • Running a red light: This behavior happens in an intersection. Crossroads are already complex yet necessary areas for transportation. When you mix pedestrians, automobiles, bicycles and motorcycles together and depend on drivers and others obeying the rules, you set up a place where accidents will happen. Running a red light is a prerequisite for a fatal accident.
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way: Once again, drivers depend on other motorists to obey the rules and yield the right-of-way. Fatal accidents occur when a driver fails to follow this rule, upending the safety of others.
  • Speeding: Drivers who speed cause many fatal accidents due to their inability to stop in time to avoid a collision. The speeding driver also loses control of his or her vehicle compared to one who is driving slower. Also, the impact of a car traveling at a higher speed causes a greater degree of damage. For instance, a pedestrian hit by a vehicle traveling at 15 mph is likely to suffer minor injuries compared to one struck by a car going 40 mph, where fatal injuries are common.

Investigating a Wrongful Death Case

David’s compassion for grieving family members sets him apart and fuels his fight for their rights. He understands the family’s anguish and need for resolution.

To successfully resolve the wrongful death lawsuit, David’s team searches for evidence to prove the at-fault person’s or entity’s negligence or intention. Investigators are sent to the accident site to look for reasons the accident happened, using crash reconstruction techniques. These techniques show the positioning of the vehicle before, during and after the collision. His investigators interview witnesses and obtain video footage of the crash as well as review police reports to ensure their accuracy.

On occasion, the defendant’s lawyers refuse to provide insurance and incident reports and witness statements in their possession that may help the plaintiff. David files motions to compel the defendant’s lawyers to sequester the information or release it.

After all the information is acquired, David constructs a strong case for his client. This dedication is one reason Super Lawyers calls David Azizi one of the top personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. Call Call (800) 991-5292 to schedule a free case review.