Reason the Scholarship Was Established

Apple for the Azizi Law School Scholarship Today

Personal injury attorney David Azizi understands the long hours spent learning the law. He also knows that same passion students today feel about the law. David received a small scholarship during his years at Southwestern Law School, and it was, according to him, “amazingly helpful.” After over 26 years of practicing personal injury law in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Riverside, David wants to pay forward the help he received to today’s students. To do that, he has established the David Azizi Scholarship.

Annual Scholarship Award:
$2,500 to one chosen student.

Applying for the scholarship is simple and can be done below.

Use of Scholarship

This $2,500 scholarship can be used to help pay law school tuition or for anything you need during these years. David understands how hard it is to make ends meet when attending law school.


If you are a currently enrolled student at Southwestern Law School, the David Azizi scholarship is available to you.

One winner will be selected by David Azizi to receive the $2,500 scholarship award based upon essay entry.
In addition to the award, winners will:

  • Have their entry published on
  • Will receive a no-obligation invitation to intern at the Law Offices of David Azizi
  • Could receive a future job offer in a law clerk position or similar

Deadline for Entry

March 7, 2018

Essay Questions

Essay responses should be a minimum of 500 words.
In order to apply for the scholarship, please attach your original essay answering the following questions:

  • Why do you want to go to law school?
  • Why do you want to specialize in personal injury law after graduation?
  • Pick a case or incident within that area and discuss a situation where negligence, resulting in injury, triggers a personal injury claim

The $2,500 scholarship award will be based on the essay. It is important that all content in the essay is original. The deadline for applying is: March 7th, 2018. The scholarship will be awarded before the spring semester each year.

The winning essay will be published on the the Law Offices of David Azizi website. This will provide readers with information, educating them in personal injury law topics. David believes knowledge and understanding help clients navigate through these difficult times of injury and upheaval in their lives, as reflected in the pages of his website.