Although Disney goes through a very comprehensive training process with all of its employees there are still situations in which one of the roller coasters will malfunction. This could cause major injuries including spinal cord injuries, broken bones and possibly even wrongful death. In 2004, the state of California shut down the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster to investigate the reason two of the trains collided. During this collision three people were injured with minor neck and head injuries.

Some of the more popular roller coasters at Six Flags, Disneyland and Universal Studios can reach speeds in excess of 100 mph. While the tourists are strapped in tight to these rides there is nothing to protect them from a major crash. When in a car crash there is steel surrounding the entire body. When hanging from or sitting in a roller coaster there is nothing to protect the body. This is why it is imperative that Disneyland and other theme parks make 100% certain their employees are trained well.

Popular Disneyland Roller Coasters

The roller coaster rides that are now running at Disneyland are California Screamin’, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and the Tower of Terror. Note that these are just the faster roller coasters with big drops. Some of the smaller roller coaster rides include Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Gadget’s Go Coaster, Goofy’s Sky School, Grizzly River Run and Indiana Jones Adventure. Even though these are some of the slower rides it does not mean injuries cannot occur; especially for younger children.

Signing a Release Form

Often we will receive phone calls from individuals that have suffered a personal injury yet they feel as if they cannot file a claim because they signed a waiver or a release form. While the waiver or release form often waive the right to sue or file a lawsuit it is important to remember that each case is unique. If Disneyland or any other theme park puts its patrons at risk knowing they are doing so a victim has the right to file a lawsuit.

It can be a very grey area so it is best to contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer before making any assumptions. Something else we strongly suggest is to read through the waiver or release form before signing it. Most people simply jot down their initials and do not think about what the release form states. Even if you are holding up the line for five or ten minutes it is well worth it to reach through the entire release form before putting your pen to paper. That signature can change a great deal about a personal injury lawsuit. If you have been injured at a theme park or amusement park and you have no medical insurance coverage please understand that there are options available.

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