Over the last several years, the iPhone and Android phones have grown in popularity when it comes to GPS and mapping devices. Around 2007 and 2008, most drivers were willing to purchase a Tom Tom, Garmin or Magellan GPS device to help them get around while driving. These GPS devices had a suction cup that allowed drivers to attach them to the inside of the front windshield. Some drivers put them beside their speedometer, so the device would not block their vision of the roadway. Car accidents in Los Angeles are all too common, and they have increased with the growth of smartphones.


Positioning Your Smartphone


While there are cases and tools to hold a smartphone on a car windshield,  it is often the case that drivers will simply hold their iPhone or Android phone in their hands while trying to get directions. Google Maps is one of the most popular apps in the history of smartphones with millions of users getting directions. Unfortunately, when using Google Maps, there are many times in which a driver will look down to make 100% certain they are on the right road or street. By looking down, they are taking their attention away from the road. In addition, use of smartphones in your vehicle must be hands-free.


Focus on the Roadway


At the Law Offices of David Azizi, a Beverly Hills injury law firm, we strongly suggest focusing on the road at all times. If you cannot keep two hands on the wheel, there is a good chance you are not. That said, in an California appellate court, it was decided that individuals can use their smartphones as a GPS device.


Mounting a smartphone
Mounting a smartphone on the dash is important.


Put in a Brace or Mount to Hold Your Smartphone


When using a smartphone, it is always important to be aware of your surroundings. If you use your iPhone or Android phone for directions, it is necessary to purchase a brace or a mount that you can put on your window or somewhere safe in your motor vehicle. This will help make the Los Angeles and Southern California roads much safer. In addition, it is illegal to swipe your phone while driving, so set up your destination before starting out.


David Azizi Is Able to Help If You Are in a Car Accident


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