When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, the way an attorney describes the case and characterizes the plaintiff to the jury plays an enormous part. In addition, it will be necessary to describe the plaintiff’s injuries and how he or she is unable to perform basic everyday functions because of the injury since lack of mobility and the pain and suffering can greatly alter the compensation received.

Facebook Updates and Instagram Photos

It is an era of posting every waking moment online. Whether individuals are traveling to Lake Tahoe or they are in Malibu, there are photos and status updates being published online. Unfortunately, some of these individuals may not realize that just because your Facebook and/or Instagram account is private it does not mean that other people cannot see it. In fact, there have been many articles and news updates pointing to the lack of privacy on Facebook and Instagram.

A composite image showing a woman "shushing" along with the words Vibe, Facebook and youTube.
Posting on social media can reveal many things.

Is What You Post Truly Private?

Even if you have all the privacy settings on as it relates to Facebook and Instagram, there are still situations in which other users can see your posts. It is extremely important to understand that to maintain privacy.

It is not unusual to receive random friend requests on Facebook and Instagram. If you accept these friend requests, you may open yourself up to unwanted vigilance. Even if everything you post is truthful, the information can be twisted in a court of law.


Personal Injury Lawsuits and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

If a victim files a personal injury claim stating he or she cannot run or swim, and there is a Facebook post that clearly shows that individual jumping into the ocean, it is obviously not the case. Under current law, this evidence can be used in a personal injury claim. This type of scenario will almost immediately lose the case for the individual.

This is the exact reason we make every effort to extract the truth from clients about a personal injury claim. Knowing the extensive resources to gather information today, it is important to simply tell the truth. In addition, it is a good idea to maintain a high level of caution when publishing to Facebook or other social media. It is not important to do this only if you have been in an accident. Losing privacy can have many implications such as identity theft.

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