In this video David Azizi, Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, explains that a brain injury can be very complex. Deciding how to approach a case depends on a varied body of information from medical experts to psychologists.

Types of Brain Injury

There are three types of brain injuries that are considered severe, moderate and mild/minor. With the severe and moderate levels of brain injuries there are often signs that can be seen very early in the process. Individuals suffering from this type of brain injury have lost their ability to perform certain acts. Some may have even lost the ability to speak clearly or use their bodily functions.

Difficulties with Mild or Minor Brain Injury

The lawsuits and cases that take a longer time are the cases in which an individual suffers from a mild or minor brain injury. In these particular cases, a person may seem completely normal. They can walk, talk and handle the basic functions of life, but there are other issues that arise later. They may not be able to remember things as easily. They may have a temper when they had a mild temperament in the past. Most of the time, the only way to know that these changes exist are to consult with those who are very close to the victim.

Expert Advice

Experts are needed in all cases that involve brain injuries. Doctors and medical professionals will need to assess the situation before David Azizi can proceed with a personal injury lawsuit. It is best to hire an attorney or law firm with experience and resources. David Azizi has 26 years of experience dealing with brain injury and brain damage lawsuits. Please visit our Los Angeles brain injury lawyer page, or contact us today at 800-991-5292 if you would like to better understand what options are available for your specific situation.