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Some of the most popular interview questions today being asked of candidates looking for jobs in the practice of law include:


  • Do you have any experience in the law office setting?
  • Have you ever done any discovery?


Having this experience and these much-demanded skills will prepare law students for the real working world of law.

Personal Injury Law Internship Details

David Azizi works with interns on a rotating basis, typically built around the law school semester and schedule, and offering class credit.

Internship With Law Offices of David Azizi

You should be currently enrolled in at least your second, third, or fourth year of law school, or, be a recent graduate from law school. If you are applying through your school program, they will have specific requirements that we partner with to give you the best school credit opportunity possible.

One law school semester, typically two days per week, 9am-5pm
If you’re coming through a law school, there are a limited number of hours you will intern per week.

Law Offices of David Azizi
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  • Filing a lawsuit
  • Serving a lawsuit
  • Drafting the lawsuit
  • Discovery
  • Preparing a case all the way up to the point of trial
  • Getting a case ready for trial
  • Additional elements of Tort Law
  • A to Z exposure to personal injury law
  • Interaction with clients who have been injured
  • Additional aspects of pre-litigation, litigation, and post-litigation

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Opportunities After Completing The Internship

What kinds of employment positions are typical for interns once they complete the program?

Last year of Law School and graduating interns that show they have the skills to work in our office — if there’s an associate position available, and they’ve passed the bar — would have the possibility of joining the team here as an associate.


  • Self-starter
  • Quick learner
  • Logically think through issues


  • Research skills, both online and in the books
  • Any experience in the Law Office setting is helpful (for knowing the basics), but not required. This will give you an opportunity to do more of the legal litigation work.

How To Apply for the internship:

If you have any questions about the internship, please call (800) 991-5292. We wish all our applicants the best of luck here and in the years to come.