Injuries are events that disrupt our lives and can affect us in insurmountable ways. They can cause physical harm, however, their effects are much broader than that. Financial difficulties are often synonymous with physical injury since we are robbed of our ability to work. Being unable to work leads to financial difficulties and the inability to maintain the style of life we had before the accident. It also puts the injured person at a disadvantage when it comes to paying for accident expenses ranging from in-hospital care to aftercare in a rehabilitation unit.

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The loss of income combined with heightened expenses affects not only the injured person but also the family as household bills may go unpaid and savings for college can fall by the wayside. In the end, an accident can have a tremendous effect on the entire family. Knowing how to fight this injustice is important when it comes to moving on after an accident happens. One of the ways to counter this is to have the help of an accident injury attorney.

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David Azizi has practiced personal injury law in Los Angeles for more than 26 years. He strongly opposes the idea that an injured party has to pay the price when they are hurt by a negligent party. David will do everything in his power to counter that. He uses his investigative prowess and legal acumen to fight this injustice. For years, David has been called one of the best personal injury lawyers in all of Los Angeles by the renowned legal ranking sites He wins 98 percent of his cases by doggedly working to set the record straight when a reckless individual injures his client.

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Types of Accident Injuries

  • Traumatic brain injury: Of all injuries, brain injuries are one of the most life-altering. TBIs can be classified on their seriousness, ranging from a mild concussion that can heal fairly quickly without invasive treatment to a subarachnoid bleed that might require surgical intervention. Coma is a different story. Some are self-limiting, others are longterm and require care for many years. Because TBIs affect cognitive ability, the injured person may be unable to work at their job, either temporarily or for an extended time. All of this is taken into account when determining the compensation that is needed.
  • Back injury: Back injuries range from muscle strains and sprains to fracture of the vertebra or vertebral herniation. The vertebrae are the building blocks that house the spinal cord. When one or more is herniated or fractured, they may put pressure on the spinal cord causing pain at the point of nerve innervation and loss of function.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injuries can be devastating for an injured individual. The effects of a spinal cord injury vary from one person to another. Some individuals may notice a weakness that was not present before or persistent pain. Others are unable to breathe, move or talk without assistance. As with other injuries, the cost associated with spinal cord injury escalates depending on the severity of the injury. A personal injury attorney can calculate both current and future losses so that you obtain the compensation you need.
  • Neck injury: The neck houses soft tissues, muscles and ligaments. Accidents can sprain the muscles and ligaments, causing conditions such as whiplash. This is a common end result of a rear-end collision. Cervical muscle sprain can cause headaches and severe neck and upper back pain, lasting for about six months. However, some cases have persistent symptoms.
  • Chest injury: The chest contains vital organs such as the lungs, heart and large blood vessels. These organs can be seriously injured following a car accident. Usually, medical or surgical intervention is needed to repair the damage.
  • Abdominal injury: Abdominal injuries are common. The abdomen can be injured by contact with the steering wheel or by pressure from seat belts. The organs within the abdomen, such as the stomach, spleen and intestine, can be lacerated. The outcome can be fatal if intervention is not immediate.
  • Fractures: Both the lower and upper extremities are fractured in an accident. Many fractures heal within a few months after casting. However, others are complicated and surgery is needed to realign the bones is a displaced fracture or due to the type of fracture, the use of pins is needed to keep the bone together as it heals. Some types of fractures, such as a femur and pelvic fracture, are more difficult to treat and may take longer to heal.

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Other Injuries That Occur

Other bodily injuries that have been associated with more common injury lawsuits include:

How an Injury Lawyer Pursues Justice and Compensation

A personal injury lawyer will represent you in all aspects of the car accident. They will investigate the accident to determine who was at fault, confer with your doctors to see the type and length of treatment that is needed and negotiate with your insurance company. If the insurer fails to meet their responsibilities, the attorney will take the case to civil court. The attorney will also obtain traffic camera surveillance videos to prove who was at fault for the crash. At our firm, we also speak to witnesses and review the police report for inaccuracies. Sometimes, negotiations with the insurer provide the client what is needed to pay bills and move on. In others, the insurer will not meet their responsibility, and a lawsuit is filed in civil court.

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