Americans are facing a crisis that is temporarily changing their way of life and threatening their health. Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is affecting the way we live and work. At the Law Firm of David Azizi, we will represent you as we have in the past since accident injuries continue to happen. Despite this stressful situation, work needs to be done to obtain the compensation you deserve. That is why we want our current clients to rest assured that we are continuing to fight for their rights and will continue to accept new clients throughout these challenging times.

If you need immediate help with a new or existing case, contact us at (800) 991-5292.

Accident Injuries Cannot Wait

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Whether you are a new or established client, the law firm of David Azizi will be available to help you. Cases already in progress will continue as they did before Covid-19 hit the world stage. New clients will be able to contact us and schedule free consultations.

There will be no interruption in our services. We are already taking steps at our office to comply with CDC prevention strategies to ensure your safety. If you are unable to come in due to restrictions, we provide phone, online chat and video sessions for meeting with you.

Video Consultations for New and Established Clients

While we provide professional services, hiring an attorney is very personal for most clients. Some new clients may want to have a face-to-face meeting with David as they evaluate whether he is right for them.

Since Covid-19 is preventing many people from leaving their homes, we announce the use of video consultations online. Skype is a popular, free way to chat online visually. It can be used on computers, iPhones, iPads and Android phones after downloading a free app from Skype.
Skype Video Consultations - Law Offices of David Azizi

How a Skype Consultation Works

Once you call our office at (800) 991-5292 or use our online “contact us form” to schedule a free case review, we will set up a Skype call if you wish. You can email your documents for use during the call, such as insurance coverage, police reports or any information about the accident or your case. This way, David will have the information in front of him when he meets with you on Skype. Skype will also be available for meetings with established clients since your case will continue unabated.

Our Client Commitment

David Azizi’s commitment to his clients never wavers. He entered the legal profession to help those who need the insight an attorney provides. For the past 26 years, he has done just that. Now, as the Coronavirus invades our shores and puts us in peril, he will continue to protect his clients, bringing the negligent parties to justice. It is what he does and does well.

Legal ranking companies such as Super Lawyers call him one of the top personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. Call him, contact him online or meet with him on Skype. Since many have been affected financially by the Covid-19 virus, David reminds new clients there is no fee until he wins their case.

Covid-19 Resources

Our law firm hopes you and your family will stay safe and healthy throughout this crisis. Knowledge is one of your best weapons against Coronavirus, and we urge you to stay abreast of new developments. Below, find some excellent resources both on a national and a state level: