Bus Accident
Los Angeles Metro bus courtesy of Jfruh.

What Is A Common Carrier

A common carrier is company, an individual or a private entity that operates a business transporting people or cargo. A common carrier operates on a regular, continual basis and not for occasional or one-time services.

Common carriers include:

The carriers are responsible for transporting people in a safe fashion. If an accident occurs due to negligence and someone is injured, the person or company that owns the transport carrier or amusement park ride is liable for the damages the victim incurs. The law is specific about this form of liability.

Evidence a Common Carrier Injury Law Firm Gathers

It is important that pertinent evidence is gathered soon after the accident happens. David Azizi follows a protocol that protects evidence while making sure that witness remarks are documented. In addition, photographs of the accident scene are taken.

Common Carrier Attorney: David Azizi

If you have been injured in a common carrier accident, David Azizi is available to evaluate your case without charge. This free review will set time aside when your questions can be answered. Call 800-991-5292 today.