Those that work for the government are bound by certain laws that are not a part of standard employment law. For this reason police officers and other government employees must file a “notice of claim” within 60 days of an injury or accident. If specific guidelines are not followed as it relates to federal, state and city government guidelines there is a chance you will not have a basis for your claim. The Law Offices of David Azizi offers many services that will assist those making a claim against a school district, city/county office or a police station. For a free consultation make sure to call 800-991-5292.

Experienced Law Firm Tackles Complex Issues

Filing a claim against the county, city, state or federal government is a very complex process. Some victims may not receive proper compensation due to the fact that the process was not completed correctly. The Law Offices of David Azizi has personal injury lawyers with over 10 years of experience when it comes to bringing claims against a government employer.

Most Common Claims an Injury Lawyer Faces

There are many grey areas when it comes to a claim against the government. This is why it would be best to contact a personal injury lawyer that has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Here are some of the most common claims:

  • Sexual or Racial discrimination in promotion
  • Wrongful or premature termination
  • Violation of whistleblower rules and regulations
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful acts by school employees including teachers and bus drivers
  • Negligent bus and motorcycle drivers employed by the government
  • Wrongful acts by any employee of the federal or state government

One of the reasons there are complications when it comes to a claim against the government is that all cases against the federal government are controlled by the Federal Tort Claims Act and must be tried in the Federal District Court. This must be where the plaintiff resides or the injury happened. There is no right to a jury trial as this claim will be tried by a judge.

Procedure for California

Every state has laws related to filing a claim against the government or a government entity. A personal injury lawyer will assist a victim when it comes to explaining all injuries sustained and the facts related to the case. When a claim is presented the government entity has four options:

  1. Reject the claim
  2. Give notice that the claim is insufficient
  3. Do nothing about the claim
  4. Approve the claim

Experience Counts in an Injury Attorney

As mentioned, the process of filing a claim against a government entity can be very difficult. There are tedious steps that must be taken or the victim will receive little to zero compensation. This is a great reason to contact the Law Offices of David Azizi as they have a staff of professional attorneys that are experienced in this line of work. Rather than trying to do the research independently it would be much more efficient to call 800-991-5292 to discuss this case with a personal injury lawyer. The staff will review the case and will work hard to help you receive full compensation for your injury. Whether you are a police officer, a school teacher or any type of government official there is assistance available.

Los Angeles High Schools vs Private Schools

Trip and fall and slip and fall injuries have occurred quite a bit over the last few years in elementary, middle and high schools throughout Los Angeles. In fact, this is not a trend in just Los Angeles, it is a trend throughout the entire state of California. This should not come as a surprise to many because the state has struggled with finances since the credit crisis. With the budget continuing to get tighter and tighter some government entities are forced to make do with what they have. This means some of the schools have not been able to put in new floors, carpeting or update parking lot areas.

Call David Azizi for Help

If there has been a slip and fall or trip and fall injury that has affected your son or daughter’s life please understand that they have the right to file a claim. Reach out to use at 800-991-5292 to better understand what options are available in 2014 and beyond. We will be more than happy to explain how the process works when filing a claim against a government agency or entity. The rules are a little bit different so understand that the claim must be filed within six months of the trip and fall or slip and fall injury.