You’ve been in an accident in Southern California and you’re hurt. This never happened to you before, and you don’t know who to call. CHP is at the accident site and writing a report. You know you should talk to an attorney, but you don’t know any.
This scenario plays out many times in any given day on the streets and highways of Los Angeles and other towns and cities in the southern part of the state. It’s not just auto accidents but truck accidents on 101, slip and fall injuries at Ralph’s in Ontario, Costa Mesa or Riverside. People suffer injuries and they need help. That’s where David Azizi comes in. This experienced personal injury lawyer has helped many Californians in his 26 years of practice.

David Azizi Personal Injury Law Firm

David prides himself on his knowledge of the law and the empathy he has for his clients. Above all, he listens to his clients, starting with a free case evaluation. Putting himself in their place, he answers their questions and asks many of his own. He wants to know everything he can about the accident.
David charges nothing until the case is won. The consultation is free too, whether or not you choose to hire him. If you do, he gives you easy access by providing his cell phone number. He is aware that being able to talk to him when you need to eases your burden. This is the way he has conducted himself for all the years he has been in practice. He feels comfortable that way and so do his clients.

This Injury Lawyer Is Californian Himself

David grew up in California, went to UCLA and law school here, worked on two California Districts Courts and the California Supreme Court and practiced here for the rest of his career. To say he knows the ins and outs of California law doesn’t say enough. If you have been injured in Southern California, David is the injury lawyer you should turn to.

Injury Attorney in California

David practices in the following towns and cities and the areas surrounding them. You can go to our location pages to look up a particular area. Just click on the cities below, and you’ll be able to read more about where David practices:

David Azizi Is There for You

Call David anytime, day or night, at 800-991-5292 for a free case evaluation. He also services the surrounding areas of the cities listed above. Our law firm handles many different types of cases including car and truck accidents throughout California.