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Los Angeles bus accidents seem to happen a few times a week. Fortunately, most of these accidents are minor fender benders and there are no severe injuries. There are other times in which there are major injuries that are caused by accidents that involve many vehicles and even pedestrians. Over the course of his career, David Azizi has seen many different times of bus accidents in the city and county of Los Angeles. He has helped many victims and passengers recover the maximum compensation for their injuries. An experienced and educated personal injury attorney in Beverly Hills is a valuable resource to have access to after an accident.

Proving Fault With A Los Angeles Metro Bus Accident Lawyer

One of the most common causes of Metro bus accidents is drivers not paying attention to passenger boarding or unloading the bus. The automatic doors open and close based on the push of a button. If a driver wants to get to their next stop quickly they may press the button too quickly and get someone caught in the door. Recently, there was a case in which a young girl got her thumb caught in the door and ended up having to have the thumb amputated because of the negligence of the driver. For more on these types of accident reference our in depth page here: Los Angeles Bus Accident help.

Other issues with buses are lengthy turns. As most know, buses can be extremely long. If a car, truck, van or SUV is sitting at a stop sign or red light and the bus driver does not notice them there is a chance that he bus could hit the vehicle and drive it right into traffic or a building.

The injuries caused by this type of accident can be severe because the driver of the vehicle has no way to escape. In fact, the bus could end up dragging the vehicle several feet or miles down the road without even knowing it. This is something that is also very common with big rig trucks. It is the exact reason a bus driver and a truck driver must pass the test for a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

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