This was a tragic case in which David Azizi, personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, assisted with a wrongful death case. The client was driving a tow truck and it was a rainy night. It had drizzled on and off. At the time of the accident the contention was the rain had stopped, but there were other factors that came into play as you will soon find out. He was traveling on the I-60 freeway. He hit a spot where his vehicle lost control and hit the center divided. The vehicle became inoperable.

A super shuttle van was coming from the opposite direction. It collided into the tow truck and killed the client. The client that was survived by his wife and children. Prior to being struck by the van, the client’s vehicle was disabled on the roadway. The lights were on and there was clear visibility for all oncoming vehicles to see. If the van driver was paying attention they would have been able to stop the vehicle in time to avoid the accident.

There was also the concern of it being a rainy night therefore the van driver should have been more cautious. Accident reconstruction experts could illustrate, to the best of their ability, the way the accident happened. The Law Offices of David Azizi has the resources and the experts to help with this type of personal injury situation. If you are looking to receive maximum compensation for your injuries it is best to contact a lawyer or law firm that can represent you in the proper manner.

The jury sided with David Azizi, and the wife and children that survived the client were awarded $5,632,408. Go here for more on our Los Angeles car accident lawyer page.

*Please understand that all cases are different therefore the amount of compensation will be different. Sometimes even the size of the vehicle can make an impact on the claim, as is often the case with the semi truck and other truck accident cases we handle. Contact the Law Offices of David Azizi to better understand what level of compensation will be available for any personal injury you may have suffered.

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