This was a case in which our client was a pedestrian and she was within the crosswalk. It was at night and she had the right of way. The MTA bus driver who was intending to make a left turn wasn’t paying attention. The bus driver made the left turn, did not see the client, and slammed right into her. She was knocked unconscious. Many times when individuals are hit and lose consciousness they sustain brain injury or brain loss.

In this case, our client looked normal, walked normal and seemed to be fine. Unfortunately, she had sustained a mild traumatic brain injury. With the help of the experts of the Law Offices of David Azizi, a Los Angeles personal injury law firm, such as a neuropsychologist and a neurologist we were able to recover the compensation the client deserved. The experts were able to establish, through testing, that the client’s baseline had been lowered because of the accident with the MTA bus driver. Some of the problems she was having included memory problems and concentration problems.

When looking for the best Los Angeles bus accident lawyer make sure to complete due diligence. It is smart to retain an attorney or law firm that has several years, and hopefully decades, of experience when it comes to these types of cases. If you have had an issue with an MTA bus or any type of passenger bus or school bus in the state of California feel free to reach out to the Law Offices of David Azizi at 800-991-5292. We will be more than happy to offer a free consultation to explain what options are available moving forward. We are always honest and open up front with anyone that contacts us.

Filing a bus accident lawsuit is something that takes time, effort and a lot of paperwork. Allow our staff of paralegals and professionals to file much of the paperwork that must be completed with insurance companies and the state of California. If the bus was a bus that is owned and run by the City of Los Angeles we have dealt with this situation before so we know the proper procedure. You can also be rest assured that we will be available when you need us. Our 1-800 number will go to a lawyer or attorney 24/7 and 365 days a year. We recognize that many bus accidents or bus wrecks happen during times in which it is not the work day. This is one of the main reasons we are available to you on nights and weekends.

To get a complete understanding of your case and the potential claim that can be filed we will need to get the details of your situation or wreck. The more details you have the easier it will make it for us to decide how to progress with your bus accident lawsuit.

*Please understand that all cases are different in terms of compensation. Contact the Law Offices of David Azizi to better understand what level of compensation is available for your personal injury, car accident, or truck accident case.

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