A well-known company that manufactures different products distributed inexpensive Hula Skirts that were made in China. The company failed in its duty to its customers since the skirts were not flame retardant.

The client of David Azizi, experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, decided to have a Luau Party for her boyfriend’s birthday. She had placed candles all over the place to enhance the mood. Everyone was given a grass skirt, including David’s client. As she walked past a candle in the doorway, the Hula skirt on fire. Her friend testified that she saw a flame coming out from behind the victim. Her friends tried to extinguish the fire, but it engulfed David’s client.

After the fire was extinguished, it was evident that the fire had seriously burned the victim’s lower extremities. She also sustained burns on her hands. The woman was no longer able to work as a model. David Azizi helped get her the compensation she deserved. The settlement was $3,738,994.

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