This case involved a severe high school football injury. The setting was a high school football game in the state of California. One of the players participating in the game had a helmet that was inflated with air to provide cushion. The team went to another high school for an away football game. Throughout the game the individual kept getting hit. He addressed a concern to his coaches that his helmet did not have the correct amount of air. The coach told the player to go back in the game while they went to find air.

The young man was tackling players and he got the air knocked out of him. The coaches allowed him to come out of the game at this point. Unfortunately, with any brain injury every small hit cause even more injuries. It is almost comparable to the shaken baby syndrome. Each time he was hit it caused more damage. He was finally able to sit out the rest after he started to feel dizzy. Rather than getting a trainer or medical personnel member to address his needs the coaches assigned two cheerleaders to watch over him. The cheerleaders put a towel over his head. He was sitting down and lost consciousness. He ended up slumping which caused there to be a lack of oxygen to his brain. The coaching staff and cheerleaders were then greatly concerned. Unfortunately, the lack of oxygen to his brain caused severe brain damage.

David Azizi’s contention was a school district has a duty and responsibility to insure the safety of the students. They are not supposed in increase the risk of harm to any students or athletes. That is how he could establish the school district was negligent. *The amount of each settlement varies depending on the extent of the injury and the particulars of the case. Contact the Law Offices of David Azizi to receive full compensation for your injuries.

Risks When Playing High School Football

When high school males decide they want to play football, they accept some of the risks related to the activity. That said, the coaching staff and school administration has the responsibility to insure the safety of the students. If there are any faulty pieces of equipment such as shoulder pads, helmets, hip pads or neck braces the coaching staff cannot neglect to address this concern.

Something that all high school football players should do before every practice and game is to inspect their equipment. The helmet is a very important part of the football uniform. If the helmet does not correctly fit on the crown of the head, it is best to address this issue before a practice or game begins. Unfortunately, many high schoolers try to be “macho,” and they feel as if they can get through any type of pain. Pain that stems from the spine or brain could cause lasting injuries including paraplegia.

By getting to practice early, football players will have the opportunity to check over their equipment. It is usually the case that a high school or school district will assign football equipment. The school district does not take days and weeks to make certain this equipment fits correctly. Sometimes, players will grab whatever equipment seems right. They may play an entire season with the wrong size shoulder pads or pants. The shoulders and legs are important parts of the body, but ultimately the brain is the most prized asset. Hopefully, most parents will not have to contact a lawyer. If you are unfortunately thrust into this situation, please utilize David’s help.

High School Football Hitting Techniques

In the last several years, middle school, high school and college football coaches have been urged to teach and coach the correct way to make a football hit or tackle. Rather than allowing this to be commonplace, youth football coaches are doing everything in their power to teach the proper techniques for making a tackle.
Most coaches agree that a tackler should always keep his head up. One way to coach this is to make 100% certain the defensive player can always see the number of the player they are trying to tackle. Every single tackling drill coaches ask the player the number of the individual they were trying to tackle. If they cannot recite the number, they must repeat the drill to make certain they are not lowering their head to bring down the opponent.

Something that has come up over the last few years is running backs, quarterbacks and wide receivers lowering their heads when the opposition is trying to tackle them. This is just as bad as a player on defense lowering their head. The NCAA has enacted rules that encourage the safety of the players. If a player leads with the crown of his head, he will receive a 15-yard penalty and be ejected from the game. The ejection can be reviewed, but for the most part, players will not be able to participate in a game if they lead with their heads into a defenseless player. When high school and middle school football players see this on TV, they adjust the way they play the game at a young age.

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