Car companies have changed their requirements when it comes to seat backs and seat belts in the last decade. This an older case that involved a claim against Ford Motor Company. David’s client was seated in an upright position when his vehicle was rear ended by another vehicle traveling approximately 40 miles per hour. As the client was hit, the seat back of his vehicle collapsed. The fact that he was hit from behind meant that he body was trust backwards. An experience personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles in this sort of case, would seek maximum compensation, which is exactly what David Azizi did.

Details of the Accident

The individual suffered a severe cervical injury and he became quadriplegic due to the accident. There were many Pinto cases back in the day. When they were rear ended, Pintos would explode and catch on fire. Ford started testing these vehicles to determine what was causing the explosion. During the testing, they realized that the seat backs were falling straight back any time a vehicle was rear ended.
Ford found out that the parts that were used for the seat backs were not strong enough to hold up over time or through an impact. It only cost Ford a couple dollars more to have more durable parts. That said, when Ford has millions of cars on the assembly line, a few dollars makes a very large difference. Unfortunately, this mindset caused our client severe injury.

The Settlement

David Azizi helped to settle the case for $2.750,000. When seeking an experienced attorney for your crash injuries, please check out our extensive Los Angeles car accident lawyer resources. It will help you understand the steps that are followed with any type of personal injury claim and lawsuit.
*Please understand that the settlement and overall compensation will vary from case to case. Contact the Law Offices of David Azizi to better understand what options are available in your specific car, truck accident, or personal injury case.

Verdicts and Settlements