This was a sad case involving a gentlemen that worked for an air conditioning company. He had just married his high school sweetheart a year prior to the injury. He was at a site installing an air conditioning unit on the top of a roof of a smaller strip mall. He leaned over the edge of the roof to talk to one of his co-workers. He needed a particular tool so he could install the air conditioning unit correctly. This is an interesting case for most Los Angeles personal injury lawyers but David Azizi was up to the challenge.

Strip malls tend to have signs that display messages in a bright light. Apparently, whoever installed this particular box sign did not do it correctly and it was feeding live electricity out in the open. The victim was on the top of the roof, which was an angled roof. In the process of his co-worker throwing him a tool he leaned over and tried to catch it. The result was the victim’s hand came in contact with the electrical sign. After that, the victim succumbed to electrocution as he had no way to release himself from the sign. Another issues was the angle of the roof. Instead of getting shocked and thrown back he was being pulled into the electrical sign.

David Azizi contended that the owner was responsible. The owner of a property in California has the duty and responsibility to inspect the property to make certain it is in a safe condition. The casing on the sign was installed improperly. A property owner also has the duty and responsibility to make certain that all products are installed safely. It was a sad case but David Azizi was able to get the compensation of $3,140,000.

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