This was a tragic accident that involved a truck driver for Budweiser. The truck driver was going down a two lane expressway and apparently a bee or some type of bug got into the cab of the truck. He started to swat it to try and remove the bee from his driving situation. In the process of doing this he forgot all about the road. Unfortunately, he had a head on collision with the clients of David Azizi.

The victims included a mother of three children and a husband. The driver of the vehicle was killed instantly. The passenger was an elderly lady and she had severe injuries as a result of the accident with the Budweiser truck. The case had to go to trial and there were numerous doctors and experts that had to testify as far as what types of injuries were sustained. The jury felt as if Budweiser was at fault and they compensated her for the amount that David Azizi, Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, and the victims were asking.

Unfortunately, one month after the verdict was rendered the elderly lady passed away because of the injuries sustained. This leads to a question that many people ask: “What happens if a victim passes away during the trial?” David Azizi points out that it can sometimes be tried as a wrongful death. If the death is not accident related to the accident the pain and suffering dies with the victim according to California state law. That means the family of the victim cannot recover any money.

*Please recognize that each case is unique. The amount of compensation will be determined by the extent of the injuries and many other important factors. Please feel free to contact the Law Offices of David Azizi to better understand what options are available for a personal injury situation. When seeking more information on wrecks and crashes use our Los Angeles car accident or truck accident pages.

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