This case involved an SUV that stopped behind a tractor trailer. A second 18-wheeler, coming from behind the SUV, did not stop in time and slammed into the vehicle, causing severe injury to the driver.

David Azizi, personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, asked the truck driver why he caused the collision and his explanation was that instead of applying his brakes, he decided to downshift from a higher gear to a lower gear. As he proceeded to get closer to the stopped vehicles, he quickly realized he should be applying his brakes in addition to down shifting. Unfortunately, by the time he applied his brakes, it was too late. A third 18-wheeler was also involved as the final vehicle in the line-up.

The situation basically turned into a train that was unstoppable. David Azizi’s client was driving a small SUV. The second big rig rear ended the SUV, pushing the SUV into the big rig that was stopped in front of it. The SUV was crushed. Because of the collision, the client was lifted off his seat and hit the roof of his SUV so hard the roof caved over his head almost like a helmet. Unfortunately, he sustained severe head injuries, which would require lifelong care. He had memory and concentration problems due to his head injuries.

David Azizi recovered a settlement of $4,950,000. which was not as high as some would imagine for such a brain injury. The settlement was based on the man’s life expectancy. Since he was an older individual, the final settlement might be lower than that recovered for a younger person.

*All cases are unique so please understand the amount of compensation will be determined by the injuries sustained and other important factors. Contact the Law Offices of David Azizi to better understand how to move forward with your big rig, semi truck, 18-wheeler, or other truck accident case.

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