Auto accidents are very common in the City of Los Angeles. Recently, we completed a YouTube video on the things not to do after getting into a car accident. One of the things that David Azizi, Beverly Hills accident lawyer, reiterates is that getting out of a car or truck that happens to be sitting in the middle of the highway or interstate is a very bad decision. There are cars driving at full speed on both sides of the highway after this type of accident. If someone gets out of the vehicle, they could be struck and injured or worse.

In one case, David Azizi recovered compensation for the wrongful death of a tow truck driver who was struck and killed by an 18-wheeler. The tow truck driver was trying to help a vehicle get out of the road. As he made his way to the shoulder of the road, a Coca-Cola delivery truck was approaching the area, traveling at about 70 mph, and the driver of the delivery vehicle did not see the tow truck driver.  By the time the Coke truck driver noticed the tow truck driver in the road, it was too late.

Even if traffic is moving at only 15 or 20 mph due to an accident, an inattentive driver can severely injure someone standing near a vehicle on the road. If you have been in an accident in the city of Los Angeles or anywhere in the state of California, please remain in your vehicle until the authorities arrive. As David advises, if it is possible to safely reach the shoulder of the road, it may be best to do so. This is especially important when it comes to rush hour collisions or accidents.

Knowing What to Do After an Accident

Many people tell you how to avoid an accident. While this is generally good to know, some emphasis should be placed on what to do after an accident. David Azizi offers a complete list in an Accident App. Free to download, this app tells you in detail everything you need to do to preserve evidence, and get the information your attorney will need. In the aftermath of an accident, it is difficult to remember what needs to be done. Having this app on your phone makes it simple.

David Azizi: A Truck Crash Lawyer With a Solid Track Record

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