In the state of California, there are hundreds of 24-hour pharmacies and retail stores. While most of the time there are no safety issues at these stores late at night, there are concerns that personal safety might be compromised when the normal foot traffic found in the daytime is not present. David Azizi, a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, has had clients who were robbed due to inadequate security at night.

Business Responsibility

A business owner is responsible to make a store safe for customers. Many times, it requires hiring security guards to patrol the premises, making sure that robberies or altercations do not occur. A business owner has options for deciding if a security guard is needed, but generally it is a matter of knowing what is going on in the vicinity of the store and whether there have been previous incidents at the store.

Hiring a security guard is similar to hiring any other employee. It is necessary to review credentials to make sure the guard is properly trained and has worked for other businesses in the same capacity. Some companies provide security guards to various businesses, and it is possible to determine if their clients are pleased with the guards. If the guard does not protect the store appropriately or acts in a negligent manner, both the guard and the security company he or she works for, if any, is responsible.

Business Liability for Not Hiring a Security Guard

If a store owner does not hire a security guard, although it is reasonable for the store owner to do so, and a customer is hurt, robbed or assaulted, the store owner has breeched the duty of safety he or she owes the customer. By extension, if the security guard is hired from a third-party provider of protection services and the guard is found to fail in the duties assigned to them, the third-party supplier can be held liable also. Alternatively, if a security guard acts in a manner that causes unreasonable injury to a suspected perpetrator, the security guard and the employer can be held liable.

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With many robberies happening late at night or early in the morning, it is imperative that security guards are awake and alert. If you have been in a 24-hour business, and the security guard has not performed the duties of his or her job and you experienced an injury because of it, please feel free to reach out to the Law Offices of David Azizi. As a customer, you should be protected while in a store. The security guard is there to keep all customers and employees free from harm. If a personal injury occurred due to the lack of security, call us at 800-991-5292.

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