This accident occurred because there was no median barrier. Most of the 60 freeway in Los Angeles County has a median barrier, but as you approach the Riverside area that section of the road does not have a barrier. There had been a history of vehicles crossing over from one lane of traffic into oncoming traffic, making this a very dangerous stretch of highway.

In this case, there was a family that was going to Mexicali for a birthday party, consisting of the parents and two children that were 11 and six years old. A lady on the older side of the road lost control of her vehicle and smashed into the family’s car head on. The argument by David Azizi was had there been a median, the oncoming vehicle would not have crashed into the family’s car. The collision caused the death of the entire family. Their older son was driving behind them at some distance and the entire event was visible to him. The son got out to help the family and he found his six-year-old sister still breathing. Unfortunately, she passed away shortly after the accident.

This accident forced a median barrier to be installed in this stretch of highway. Each case is unique, so if you have had an accident on the 60 Freeway in Los Angeles, San Bernardino or Riverside please feel free to reach out to the Law Offices of David Azizi. They will offer a free consultation that will help you when considering your options after an accident.

Driving in the City of Los Angeles

If there is anything the city of Los Angeles is known for, it is the traffic throughout the entire day. While other cities see increases in traffic during rush hour, it seems to be the case that Los Angeles has traffic all day, every day. Anyone that has never visited the city of Los Angeles cannot even imagine how long it takes to get from one side of the city to the other. Patience is truly a virtue when it comes to traveling in the city of Angels.

The 60 Freeway is also known as the Pomona Freeway between the East Los Angeles Interchange complex and its junction with the Riverside Freeway and I-215. The 60 Freeway goes through the counties of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino. The exits include the Santa Monica Freeway, all the way to 74 which is Jack Rabbit Trail. When you are traveling towards Jack Rabbit trail you will notice there are no exits between 68 and 74.

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