Accidents can occur unexpectedly, even in bustling cities like Los Angeles. When a slip and fall incident happens at a McDonald’s restaurant in Los Angeles, knowing how to properly file an incident report becomes crucial. This process not only ensures your safety but also establishes a record of the event, which can be significant if you decide to consult a slip and fall lawyer and pursue legal action. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to effectively file an incident report at a Los Angeles McDonald’s after a slip and fall.

Prioritize Your Well-being

The immediate aftermath of a slip and fall should focus on your well-being. If you’re seriously injured, seek medical assistance right away. For minor injuries, make sure you’re in a safe location before proceeding with the incident reporting process.

Notify McDonald’s Staff

Alert the nearest McDonald’s staff member about the incident as soon as possible. Their prompt response can facilitate the process and help you navigate the steps required for filing an incident report.

Request a Manager or Supervisor

Ask to speak with a manager or supervisor on duty. They are well-versed in handling such situations and can guide you through the incident reporting process. If a manager isn’t immediately available, ask a staff member to assist in locating the responsible person.

Provide Detailed Information

When speaking to the manager or supervisor, provide a detailed account of the incident. Be specific and clear about the location of the fall, any contributing factors (like spills or debris), and any other relevant details. Accurate information is crucial for creating an accurate incident report.

Complete the Incident Report Form

Most McDonald’s restaurants have incident report forms that need to be filled out. Take your time to complete the form accurately, including personal details, a thorough description of the incident, date and time, visible injuries, and contact information for any witnesses.

Request a Copy

Ask for a copy of the incident report form for your records. Keeping a copy can be valuable for potential legal actions or when communicating with insurance companies.

Gather Supporting Evidence

While at the restaurant, gather additional evidence. Take photographs of the accident scene, focusing on any hazardous conditions or contributing factors that caused the slip and fall. Collect contact information from witnesses who were present during the incident.

Seek Medical Attention

Regardless of the severity of your injuries, it’s advisable to seek medical attention. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent, and having medical documentation can be crucial for insurance claims or legal proceedings.

Consult a McDonald’s Slip and Fall Lawyer

If your injuries are substantial and you suspect negligence on McDonald’s part, consider consulting a slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles who specializes in McDonald’s slip and falls. A lawyer with expertise in these cases can offer guidance on potential legal actions and ensure your rights are protected. The Law Offices Of David Azizi has handled 100’s of McDonald’s slip and fall cases in Los angles and throughout the state of California.

Maintain Communication Records

After filing the incident report, maintain a record of any communication with McDonald’s, insurance companies, or legal professionals. This documentation can be essential when seeking compensation for your injuries.


Filing an incident report after a slip and fall at a Los Angeles McDonald’s is not only about reporting the incident but also about ensuring your safety and protecting your legal rights. By promptly notifying the staff, providing accurate details, and completing the incident report form, you contribute to the establishment’s safety awareness and create a crucial record of the event. In the case of suspected negligence, seeking medical attention and consulting a McDonald’s slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles can be vital steps towards seeking and winning compensation for your injuries. Call the experienced McDonald’s slip and fall lawyers at The Law Offices Of David Azizi today to discuss the specifics of your case and how our experienced LA slip and fall attorneys can help you to receive maximum compensation for your injuries.