While California is usually known for its car culture, it is also home to numerous bicyclists, both those who use their bikes for everyday transportation and those who ride for sport. Unfortunately, the high number of both cars and bikes on the road gives the state the tragic distinction of leading the nation in bicycle traffic deaths; 123 cyclists lost their lives in bike-auto collisions in one recent year alone (2012).

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Beyond the bicycle accident statistics are real people whose lives have been seriously disrupted due to such incidents, whether by suffering injuries or by losing a loved one. This page addresses the needs of those who’ve been hurt in these accidents; if someone you care about has died in a bike-auto collision, please see our wrongful death accident page for help.

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Please don’t hesitate to call us at the Law Offices of David Azizi if you’ve been hurt in a bicycle traffic collision. Often, these bicycle-car accidents are the result of driver carelessness and bad driving habits. If that is true in your case, you could recover your medical and other related costs through the legal process. David is a superb personal injury attorney who has helped many injured cyclists to get the financial compensation they deserve.

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Injured Los Angeles-area bicyclists have turned to David because he is hands-down exceptional in three key areas of legal service; he’s experienced, effective and compassionate. He has been called one of the Top 20 Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles by expertise.com. Most recently, the highly prestigious organization Super Lawyers named him one of Southern California’s best attorneys for the sixth time.

You can trust David and his years of experience to represent you with excellence as you seek to recover your costs from someone else’s negligence. Los Angeles injury victims also choose him because he’s one of the best at what he does. David’s peers recognize just how good he is. The large legal services company Avvo gives him a “Superb” rating.

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Bicycle Accident Lawyer In Los Angeles - Law Offices of David Azizi

Statistical Breakdown of Bicycle Accidents by Age, Gender and Location

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most fatalities occur in the city. The majority of those killed in bicycle accidents are male and Texas, California and Florida lead the way. In addition, the age at which fatal accidents occur has steadily grown older. Today it is upwards of 45-years-old.

Common Causes of Injury

The common causes of injury are:

  • Vehicular impact
  • Bicyclist error
  • Poor roads

Since bicyclists have no protection, injuries can be severe. Healing and being able to make ends meet, particularly when you are out of work, can be a daunting experience.

Compassionate Injury Lawyer in L.A.

One of the things that makes David such an outstanding lawyer is his real sympathy for his clients as they face the difficulties of recuperating from their injuries and of figuring out how to deal with their stressfully large expenses. These costs can come from:

  • Initial ambulance and ER care
  • Surgery and days spent in the hospital
  • Physical therapy to restore strength and range of motion to injured limbs
  • Casts, wraps, braces, crutches, walkers and other medical equipment to aid daily physical tasks
  • Lost wages from being unable to work
  • Temporary child care help due to an inability to physically manage child care tasks
  • Psychiatric and psychological care, if necessary, to deal with the trauma of the accident

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